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xgau on emmylou, re: "bosom of abraham," also: butts by

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mr. christgau (yeah yeah, I know) on emmylou harris’ breakthrough “pieces of sky”– dispensing his typical bullshit but also I think perfectly encapsulating why I kind of fucking hate emmylou harris (sorry!):

Pieces of the Sky [Reprise, 1974]
Abetted by Brian Ahern, who would have been wise to add some Anne Murray schlock, Harris shows off a pristine earnestness that has nothing to do with what is most likable about country music and everything to do with what is most suspect in “folk.” Presumably, Gram Parsons was tough enough to discourage this tendency or play against it, but as a solo mannerism it doesn’t even ensure clear enunciation: I swear the chorus of the best song here sounds like it begins: “I will rub my asshole/In the bosom of Abraham.” C+

more here
(spotted via wonderful stwof fyi)

I think my favorite emmylou stuff is still her two albums as The Trio w/dolly and linda ronstadt (maybe just because I really like the other two?)

and this one is so good jeez

finally, here’s linda as a buxom lass singing a classic waylon song on the johnny cash show. I was just watching this on the dvd best of which includes a v. nice anecdote about this performance, courtesy johnny’s former hairstylist who relates

“at rehearsal june noticed that linda didn’t have any panties on so she came running back to the dressing room, ‘somebody get down the street and buy her some bloomers, she’s out there showing herself!’ when linda was told she would have to wear underwear she was very upset. she said, ‘I sing better bare-butted’ and june cc of course says “not in front of my Johnny!”

haha ok

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