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October 23rd, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

After Bob Dylan put out this ad for Victoria’s Secret, I defended him tooth and nail. Schilling for lingerie worked for him in his present day character as a seedy old man, with his haunting “Love Sick” off 1997’s Time Out of Mind. In fact, the only aging musician I think would be better for an ad for Vickie’s would be Tom Waits, but he’s vehemently opposed to his music appearing in advertisements.

However, this commercial he does for Cadillac is just pathetic. Just a bunch of tired images of an SUV driving through the desert, the only thing special is that Bobby is behind the wheel of the behemoth.

In other Dylan news, the myspace for the soundtrack to Todd Haim’s I’m Not There, his surrealistic tribute to Dylan coming out next month, has launched and features Dylan covers from the likes of Sufjan, Cat Power, My Morning Jacket, and Jeff Tweedy. The Sufjan bores me, but then again, that’s about all Sufjan does for me these days. The latter three are excellent, so I will definitely be picking up a copy of the soundtrack when it comes out on October 30th.

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