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This Is What Wash U Needs by

September 28th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

In my opinion, the most valuable thing about YouTube is that it exposes you to subcultures that you maybe knew existed, but never had direct contact with. For example, southern marching bands. One fateful day, I was searching the YouTube, and I somehow stumbled on a video of the Southern University Marching Band. These guys are tight. Nothing makes me happier then really funky horns. Check this out:

Here’s another:

Here’s one with them on the march, although the sound kinda sucks:

The best thing about these videos, besides the insane musicianship, are the heated YouTube discussions at the end, where partisans of SU or of rival university marching bands attack or defend the performance. “Just cause yall played real soft one part and then played loud as you could on another doesn’t show any dynamics it shows extremes…..any body could just play the melody soft then play the chorus loud….come on dog with the dynamics crap…” Well put, SouthernUHB.

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