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For anyone who hasn’t read the comments to my Shooting Spires post, Shooting Spires will be playing at the Billiken Club on February 18 with Health. Also at the Billiken Club: So Many Dynamos on January 25. I won’t be able to go to that, so everyone who will be in St. Louis then should go and represent KWUR because that will be an awesome show, no doubt about it. The Billiken Club: like the Gargoyle, but good!

And Stereogum has released their 2008 preview. The albums I’m most looking forward to on that list are Los Campesinos!, Wolf Parade, and most of all, Pattern Is Movement. Apparently, Stereogum has heard the new Pattern Is Movement, entitled All Together, and thinks its “so good.” I’ve been told that it’s amazing by the one person I know who has heard it, and the single that Home Tapes put out, Right Away b/w Korea, is pretty damn good. When Pattern Is Movement takes over the world, I just hope they’re merciful rulers.

One album that isn’t on Stereogum’s radar is the new one from Time Again called Darker Days. Time Again is one of the best new punk bands out there, and Darker Days might help reclaim punk from the likes of Fall Out Boy. Anyone who likes punk should definitely check it out. I think it comes out in January, but thanks to this little series of tubes, it’s already available for your listening pleasure.

Watch out for another overlooked album post, coming tonight or tomorrow (or as soon as I get around to it).

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