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Terry Allen, on "Radio Memories and Other Things" by

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Dig the famous West Texas singer-songwriter, sculptor and uh I guess radio-playwright discussing the Magic of Radio:

“I know that there was another radio station later on when I was in high school, out of Oklahoma City. It was KOMA and they had a radio contest that kind of beamed out as far as their station beamed, and I can’t remember the nature of the contest but if you won you got two weeks completely paid round trip tickets, all expenses paid, anywhere you wanted to go in the world. So this was a huge contest. And I remember that when they announced the winner — the guy that won was somewhere in Oklahoma I think — he wanted to go to Salt Lake City!

I also remember — and this is god’s truth! — after Wolfman Jack there was a preacher that came on, I can’t remember his name, but he sold ah…in this kind of staggered version… starting with Bible place markers through all kinds of little gadgets and doodads and holy articles, starting out with like a quarter right up to a fifty dollar gold embossed red letter edition Bible. But he actually advertised selling autographed pictures of Jesus Christ that were direct from the Holy Land, and he told the story that one of his congregation was in the Holy Land and had in this holy spot come across this stack of 8 x 10 glossies with Jesus’s signature on them, and had brought them back and had asked them to be (sold). There was a note evidently with the photographs asking the photographs to be sold over the air to raise money for the spreading of the Lord’s word.”

more here

here’s him singin his maybe most famous song (robert earl keen does it, ya know):

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