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Local Artists of the Week Nov 7 – 13

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Hey Folks,

Our top played local artists last week are these awesome bands!

  1. 1. Flaming Death Trap


Local New Releases
The Red Letter – Let There Be Here

The Red Letter feels like it was made by a kid in a candy store, and that's not too far from the truth. After graduating from Washington University the gentleman known as the Red Letter bought a bunch of recording equipment and locked himself in his garage to create his first album. He operates somewhere in the middle of the fun of the Flaming Lips, the DIY aesthetic of Neutral Milk Hotel, and the raw emotion of Bright Eyes. It combines really creative and dynamic drumming with weird song structures and a seriously wacked out energy.

Favorite track: "21"

Grace Basement – Gunmetal Gray

Grace Basement's 2nd album is a very solid overall pop record. Many songs feature interesting instrumentation ranging from the banjo and steel guitar to the viola and fiddle. The band also excels at creating the pristine harmonies that leaves one with a great appreciation for their songwriting abilities.

Favorite track: "There He Goes"


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