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Stuff you may not know about KWUR Week Electronica Artists by

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So as everyone knows, I am thrilled about all the people who are coming to KWUR Week. Three Oh Sees are great and I love listening to Flaming Death Trap's stack session during my show. But I wanted to bring some attention to the main Electronica artists: Paper Diamond and Robotic Pirate Monkey. I feel (looking at the cd's) that while all DJ's are playing music from Pokey LaFarge and Fergus and Geronimo, many of you have no idea who these people/ artists are. So here is a bit more info that maybe you can use on your show or even download (for free) some of their music and play it.


Paper Diamond– Is Colorado based producer named Alex B who took on the guise of Paper Diamond in 2011. The sound is raw energy and a kind of dramatic anticipation that only a knowledgable producer can do. He emphasizes driving beats and bass but also uses a lot of spacey synthesizers. I feel Paper Diamond is energetic but not as much as Robotic Pirate Monkey. This is a more relaxed form of electronica but still catchy, especially with the vocals and melodies. You can download his new album, Levitate, off his website or you can listen to him on thissongissick.com.

Robotic Pirate Monkey– I love these guys! Members Matt Berryhill, Matt Flesher, and Andrew Hathaway, from University of Colorado, have only been in the electronica scene for about 6 months now. They have two EPs that you can download off their website. It seems like their method for creating music is to take known songs, chop them up, and then add their own splash of creativity and see what happens. This idea is clearly successful as their sound is exciting, catchy, and fun to listen to. If you had to describe the types of music they use aside from in-your-face bass, it would have to be all kinds funk, reggae, funk, blues, rock, and of course electronica. Looking to hear more: Go to their website to listen to Disturbing Pleasant Streets and Jungle Tales. 

 Robotic Pirate Monkey








So I hope this gives you some idea of these two artists and their styles and sounds. Please check out their music and use it on your show to spread the word about these two electronica groups. 


4 responses to “Stuff you may not know about KWUR Week Electronica Artists”

  1. Matt Curry says:

    Excellent article! Thanks for writing a bit about our wonderful Electronica arists.

  2. Sara Suzuki says:

    Great bios! MAD PROPS.

  3. Justin Lewis says:

    Yo these two artists are sick, I havent heard of them, I have a music discovery blog http://upperclasbeats.com and Ill have to post some of their tracks to help promote their music, More people need to hear this shit

    • Liz Hay says:

      Thanks! I try to always search for the latest and greatest or more interesting sound out there. Theses guys were both great in concert too.

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