As of 2008, KWUR has a brand spankin' new recording studio in the Danforth University Center. This beautiful space is completely soundproofed, filled with state of the art equipment, managed by trained KWUR studio technicians and has a fiber optic link to the KWUR air studio. This space will be open to any Washington University student, student group, or anyone in the St. Louis community who wishes to use it. We're still working out a few kinks with the equipment and figuring out how exactly the space will be run, but we're planning a grand opening for October 13th, 2008. Once open, we aim to provide professional recording quality at amateur prices.

Equipment found in the KWUR Recording Studio
• Intel Mac with a dual quad core 2.8 gHz Xeon microprocessor and two monitors
• Command 24 surface (Digidesign)
• 003 Rack
• 2 Marshall Stacks with FX pedals
• Stanton upright piano
• 2-way talkback system
• Drum kit risers

• 4 Shure KSM 44 condenser microphones
• 2 80X 51 overhead microphones
• 2 D6 kickdrum microphones
• 2 i5 snaredrum microphones
• 2 D4 floor tom microphones
• 2 D2 tom microphones
• 5 e935 vocal microphones
• 1 AT3035 condenser microphone
• 2 wind guards
• 8 microphone pop screens

Who might want to use the studio?
- Washington University student bands looking to record a demo/album
- Washington University performers looking to record vocal tracks
- Local bands/performance groups looking to record a demo/album
-A Capella groups and other Washington University student groups
-Student chamber ensembles
-Students/professors/community groups looking to record news items/lectures/readings/radio theater pieces/community announcements
-Students/professors/community organizations/local bands looking to master a recording
- Interviewers looking for a professional recording enviroment

If you would like to use the recording studio, please:
- Confirm appointments at least one week in advance.
- Cancel appointments at least 24 hours in advance.
- Do not touch the computer or the board if you are not a trained recording studio technician.
-Do not eat or drink in the studio (you may use the kitchen just down the hall.)
-Limit to two guests per session.

We're still testing the equipment and working the kinks out, so the studio will not be open to the public for at least a few months. But if you're a Washington University student/band and you want to help us test the equipment, contact the recording studio technicians at You can also submit the form below

Recording Studio Request Form 

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Times and Dates Available (List at least 3 and schedule at least 1 week in advance)

What Instruments Do You Plan To Bring In? (Please note that the studio does not provide a drum set       

Intent Of Recording:

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