How do I listen to the live stream from
Generally, all you have to do is click on one of the links on the kwur homepage for mp3 32k, mp3 128k, or ogg 128k. At that point your computer should open it’s media player and begin playing the KWUR stream.

I’m having trouble opening the stream with the method above. What do I do?
When you click on the stream links on our site, it will attempt to download and open a .m3u file. This is a playlist file for the KWUR stream. Some computers will not automatically open the .m3u file, so you might try manually opening the .m3u file in your favorite media player. If the media player still won’t play our stream, you might make sure you have the right codecs installed to play mp3 or ogg files.

How do I listen through iTunes radio?
Just click the “Radio” button on the left side of iTunes. You will find KWUR 90.3 FM located in the “Eclectic” category. If you can’t find KWUR, you may have to update your version of iTunes.

What is a good media player for streaming KWUR?
Many media players will work just fine, but a few basic suggestions are Windows Media Player, iTunes, and VLC Media Player.

What do 32k, 128k, mp3, and ogg mean?
We stream in two different formats.

Mp3 is a standard audio format, and it comes in 2 varieties. 128k is for normal internet connections, and 32k is for slower connections. If you’re having trouble with the 128k stream, you may consider switching to the 32k version.

Ogg is a free and open audio format. That may not mean much to you, but the tech guys at KWUR think it’s pretty sweet. If ogg does not work properly on your media player, you may need to install an additional codec.

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