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UPDATE: due to technical issues (dead keyboard), the in-studio has been post-poned BUT the band will still be in the studio at 4:30 for an interview. We’ll be rescheduling the in-studio for some later date, don’t worry man!

River Front Times darlins So Many Dynamos will be stopping by the station tomorrow at 4:30 PM to chat about their newly released album, The Loud Wars (full disclosure: it’s totally fucking rad go buy it right now). They were originally slated to perform live for your aural pleasure BUT it looks like tragedy has struck in the form of a busted keyboard, so the performance is unconfirmed at the moment. It hasn’t been ruled out entirely yet, but things aren’t looking good – which is a real bummer for the guys, as they’re about to kick off a tour and have a bunch of shows coming up in the next few days. You can follow updates on the situation (whether there’ll be a live performance or not, basically) in REAL TIME on our Twitter (so lame). In any case, be sure to turn yr radio dial to 90.3 tomorrow!


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