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So Many Dynamos vs. Beatle Bob: battle of the millenium by

December 29th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Ryan Wasoba of So Many Dynamos has a new post up on the o-fficial So Many Dynamos blog detailing his gripe with the infamous Beatle Bob. A quick synopsis (read the whole thing though): “[H]e always gets into shows free, always shows up late, and always pushes his way past everybody to get to the front right by the stage”, “At our show at Off Broadway last week, there was a coat on the stage right in front of where i was setting up my pedals. Beetle Bob picked it up from the stage, despite walking in without a coat. He left a few songs into our set and walked out, big puffy jacket in hand”, and “He also has claimed to work at KDHX (he doesn’t) and has talked bands into letting him have a promo copy of their CD for radio airplay.” Hopefully, that was just Pete Best Bob, but if that’s all true…damn, dude. If you’re reading this, Beatle Bob, we’d love to hear your side of the story.

Meanwhile, So Many Dynamos will be at the Billiken Club on January 25, and Beatle Bob will be at a show near you. Check ’em both out.

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