Time Show Name Genre Tagline
12am-12am ~~Anonymous Broadcast~~ Freeform Clearly Terrorist.
5am-6am wkrp cincinnati all of it maybe i dunno  
9am-10am Carpet Lessons Wave for the frail of heart
10am-11am Me Time Wave Lots of finds.
11am-12pm Trapped in the Closet Oldies and Newies Approved by R Kelly
12pm-1pm He Said, She Said Comedy/Eclectic The Rumours Are True
1pm-2pm If You're Feeling Sinister Wave Mark and Afua Spring 2014
2pm-3pm Nigiri Sushi in the Dustbin J-pop/Eclectic Join me.
3pm-4pm Youth Culture Wave So Indie-n
4pm-5pm Prance With No Pance ANYTHING WE WANT 'cause the best way to listen to music is without pance
5pm-6pm Wailing for Wales Wave Ware oh ware have all the whales gone?
6pm-7pm The Cab Ride Home    
7pm-8pm two yards, three lenins Wave peace love and ukeleles
8pm-9pm Chimerical Kitsch Mafia Whatever+Errrthang the sweater you get for christmas from aunt patty-jo
9pm-10pm Leaves of Boogie Rock/Bluegrass/Motown/Folk The most beautiful sound in the world
10pm-11pm Anechoic Chamber electronic/metal/wave to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable
11pm-12am Electroconvulsive Therapy house/trance/techno/dowtempo Its mode of action is unknown.





Time Show Name Genre Tagline
12am-1am Mad Tacos (and other exotic dishes) Wave Angry Mexican Food
1am-2am Odd Logic Wave one hour with the dirty dales finest
7am-8am Songs for Bruxists wave always gnashin
9am-10am Eternal Tranquility Downtempo/Trip-hop/post rock Sweet, Succulent grooves
10am-11am Blind Lemon Blues  
12pm-1pm Where is Donnie? Wave/Folk "Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion"
1pm-2pm The Red Coats Are Coming Wave/Electronic 21st Century Invasion
2pm-3pm Adam's 100% Natural Good Time Family Band Show Wave For your health!
3pm-4pm Guess Who's Bach Classical BACH AGAIN
5pm-7pm The Bruised Orange New Folk, Old Folk/Country/Blues Welcome to the Weekend
7pm-8pm boogie chillen 2 unknown a show in flux
8pm-10pm Full Court Press Sports Talk/Hip-hop Co-Hosted with Dylan Gallagher
10pm-12am Thought Forge Sundae metal, etc. for discerning tastes





Time Show Name Genre Tagline
12am-1am In the Mood for Luv R&b Sexy-time
1am-2am Sin Pantalones Wave/alt/indie/other 60% clothed
2am-3am Sleeping Mind Wave but other stuff 2 not not music
7am-8am Sweet Rebellion Rock All I wanted was a Pepsi
9am-10am Waiting4Stephen Wave Regal
10am-11am The Big Patty Power Hour Whatever floats my boat Selling my time for the low
11am-12pm Great Neighbor Wave/Rock wicked jamz… and jellies
12pm-1pm Everything Sunny All the Time Always R&B/Wave i just wanna dance
1pm-2pm Closed Captioning Electronic  
2pm-3pm Magnificat local STL & anything else Buck Cherry approves this show.
3pm-4pm Stax of Funk Funk/Soul/Disco Weeeee've go the funk
4pm-5pm Spaghetti and Meepos Indie rock, IDM I know you're hungry
5pm-6pm The Word of Moses Wave/Eclectic/Freeform/Jazz Goth/Vaporwave/Lil B Spend 40 years in the desert one hour at a time
6pm-7pm The Cut metal/wave/electronic/eclectic/experimental ur in the cut
7pm-8pm ~*DrEaM cLuB*~ Electronic Probs  
8pm-10pm Butt Vibez volk Can you get behind that?





Time Show Name Genre Tagline
12am-1am Audio Job Eclectic WHATEVER I WANT
1am-2am Roscoe's Wetsuit All Dressed Chips Mood Ring
5am-6am Ambivalent About Argon Wave-y Electrical Indie dis 'n' dat Bald Eagles Near Extinction Thanks To Rogaine
8am-9am Over The Pond And Far Away Indie/Wave  
9am-10am Blue velvet skies and elysian echoes wave, classical, folk It goes by faster if you close your eyes
10am-11am 1 sloth dances slothcore  
11am-12pm 2W or not 2W 2wave 4 kwur Aye, there's the rub
12pm-1pm Mumbles & Grumbles Assorted Hump day, am I right?
1pm-2pm Field Notes Country/Bluegrass/Folk backwoods legit
2pm-3pm Blues Balls Blues These blues will almost make you come
3pm-4pm all about eve biblical with EV On The Radio
4pm-5pm Static Dynamics 2.1 Wavetek Some minor bug fixes
5pm-6pm A Little Bit Country Country  
6pm-7pm Gut Feeling Wave "surfin on vibes"
7pm-8pm bACKpACK bodacious bedroom bangerz hop in
10pm-12am Moody's Point Wave Disappearing sounds from a hot air balloon





Time Show Name Genre Tagline
12am-1am For Your Health rap/jazz/bleeps listen ya dingus
1am-2am Grush King Sports Talk Radio  
8am-9am Snooze Flash Electronic Wake up and hit the snooze
9am-10am The Monotone Hour Punk, Wave Why have multiple tones when you could just have one.
10am-11am Char Lane Beats depends on the day  
11am-12pm Vibes and Stuff Jazz Cool Jazz
12pm-1pm Happy Hour all of duh above free drunks yall
1pm-2pm pork shoulder world etc. full-flavored satisfaction
2pm-3pm The Accidental Radio Show Probably not Brought to you by a series of tubes
3pm-4pm Cruising Altitude Wave Please keep your seatbelt fastened.
4pm-5pm Libs 'n' Stadt in da trap indie/wave/whatever But minus Libs cause she's in "spain." COOL LIBS.
5pm-6pm Salvador Dali Parton Artcore  
6pm-7pm $p!nspiration wave,electronic,hip-hop we don't sleep so listen
7pm-8pm Pancakes for Dinner electronic noise, etc Sweet, sticky sounds
8pm-10pm Redio Sound Waves. Talk/Latin The revolution will not be televised!
10pm-12am Blue Machines everything/anything from sad to shinin'





Time Show Name Genre Tagline
12am-1am Creature Feature Hip Hop/Folk/Indie Music for animals, etc.
1am-2am Extinct Tomorrow Electronic, Beats Brought to you by tomorrow's extinct
9am-10am The Great Outdoors Folksy Wavy Stuff Go Outside
10am-11am All These Colors Will Change Wave/Folk Before you were born, I was already sinning.
11am-12pm Sideways Wave A new way to hear things
12pm-1pm SchwartzCenter Sports Talk Hanging out and talking sports.
1pm-2pm Covering the Bases Sports Talk Show  
2pm-3pm Bedtime Sports with Brad & Stats Adam Sports KWUR's Premier Sports Talk Radio Show
3pm-4pm off Main Street Wave you can't miss us
4pm-5pm Rock to Country Blues to Funky Folk/ Wave  
5pm-6pm The Fabian Society punk/wave we"ll get to the revolution eventually
6pm-7pm Weird Turn Pro Wave, Experimental 70% less melody, same great taste
7pm-8pm Hermie and Onion's Idea of Higher Education in the Greater Midwest Wave+Hiphop+Whatevah Things Don't Run We
8pm-9pm Crujiente Lots of Stuff  
9pm-10pm You Go Glen Coco candy canes and none for Gretchen Weiners
10pm-12am We Killed The Wiggles Wave/Electronic Dispelling Mediocrity Everywhere





Time Show Name Genre Tagline
9am-10am Flying Fantasies Alternative, Chillwave, Classical, Electronic Keep your head in my butts
10am-11am Churros con Chaturvedi House and more Music so good, tastes like chocolate
11am-2pm Musica Esoterica Classical (mostly) unfamiliar classical music, from the last station in St. Louis with local classical DJs
2pm-3pm The Key of C whatever floats my boat Enjoy the Airwaves
3pm-4pm The Adventures of a Rogue Logger wave  
4pm-5pm The Cosmic Redundancy Rides Again! Stupid fresh A wine and cheese party on fire with midgets.
5pm-6pm Beneficial Cabbagepatch Various Elementary my dear Watson
6pm-7pm Astral Projection Electronic/Wave OBE
7pm-8pm Carlotta Valdes Radio Whatever I want Listen to me
8pm-9pm Meowsic to Your Ears Wave With DJ Squid and Dr. Dre
9pm-10pm surprise party everything, anything, and most all things you never know what you're gonna hear next
11pm-12am Casual Bowtie HipHop/Indie Avant-garde audiophile



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