Time Show Name
9am-10am maddybraps
10am-11am Me Time
11am-12pm A cry for help
12pm-1pm Decor Nightmare
1pm-2pm Soup In A Box
2pm-3pm Fragical Mystery Tour
3pm-4pm The Red Coats
4pm-5pm Oh Dear,
5pm-6pm The Great American Stream
6pm-7pm what.
7pm-8pm The Department of Homeland Obscurity
8pm-9pm Maddest Tacos
9pm-10pm RhythmNation
10pm-11pm Fear and Loathing at WUSTL
11pm-12am Fourth Chamber





Time Show Name
12am-1am i jus been eatin peaches
9am-10am Habitual Ritual
10am-11am Sustainable Listening
11am-12pm Milo Minderbinder’s 100 Warehouses of Egyptian Cotton
12pm-2pm Andrew and Lyall’s Two Hour Radio Hour
2pm-3pm Soft Maybe
3pm-4pm Char Lane Beats
4pm-5pm Thanks For Nothing
5pm-6pm Le Monde on Blonde
6pm-7pm B.O.A.T.S.
7pm-8pm Substandard Deviation
8pm-9pm Underground Air
9pm-10pm Turn Up or Transfer
10pm-11pm Creature Feature
11pm-12am Fine Exotic Materials





Time Show Name
12am-2am Mike and Mic in the Morning
7am-8am punk & disorderly conduct
9am-10am Full Court Press
10am-11am The Court of the Vinyl King
11am-12pm Swish Waves Me God
12pm-1pm Bootleg Hour
1pm-2pm h a p p y h o u r
2pm-3pm no-input
3pm-4pm Lampost Accord
4pm-5pm I Dream of Meme
5pm-6pm Dr. Funk and his groovy tunes
6pm-7pm surprise party
7pm-8pm Auracular Spectacular
8pm-10pm Shively’s Old Tuneshack
10pm-12am Happy Birthday (Show)





Time Show Name
12am-1am Sin Pantalones
9am-10am The Garden of Earthly Delights
10am-11am Good Evening Vietnam
11am-12pm Seismic Pickles
12pm-1pm A red box of minty tunezz
2pm-3pm Bruh 3.0
3pm-4pm The Cut
4pm-5pm wax punk
5pm-6pm Caffeinated Comatose
6pm-7pm Gut Feeling
7pm-8pm a(VOID)dance
8pm-9pm Arson Hour
9pm-10pm DJ Eric Dai in St. Louis
10pm-12am Fresh, Clean, Contemporary





Time Show Name
12am-1am Sensational
9am-10am mixed martial arts
10am-11am nothing really mattress
12pm-1pm The Late Morning Show
1pm-2pm Bonobo
2pm-3pm Sweet Tea
3pm-4pm Point of Contact
4pm-5pm Thom Yorke’s Lazy Eye
5pm-6pm partly cloudy
6pm-7pm Blue Velvet Skies
7pm-8pm Wake up Chicago
8pm-9pm Full House w/ Danny and Tanner
9pm-10pm Lime Time
10pm-11pm Welcum to Realiti
11pm-12am Immaculate Womb





Time Show Name
12am-1am Some Music
1am-2am Radio Los Santos
9am-10am S>U>B>P>A>R
10am-11am cynical beenz
11am-12pm The Great Outdoors
12pm-1pm Spotted Ox Hostel
1pm-2pm Melatonin
2pm-3pm Turn off the Night Lights
3pm-4pm Swanson’s Swan Dress
4pm-5pm Scenes From a Hat
5pm-6pm Shut Up and Listen
6pm-7pm Castles in the Sky with Diamonds
7pm-8pm hugs not ughs
8pm-10pm Krafting Wavezzz
10pm-11pm Shy Guyz Show
11pm-12am relish in this anguish





Time Show Name
12am-2am Radio Gnome Invisible
9am-10am Sugar Pills
10am-1pm Musica esoterica
1pm-2pm Flying Fantasies
2pm-3pm Get Schwifty
3pm-4pm Mellow Moods with Sammy C
4pm-5pm Lonely Kimchi Sandwich
5pm-6pm The Big Beat Manifesto
6pm-7pm Oshen Noises
7pm-8pm Inside the Moon
8pm-9pm IndieAnna
9pm-10pm Peanut Butter and Jams
10pm-11pm Garbage day



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