Time Show Name Genre Tagline
8am-9am The Hammock Hour Wave Songs and speech to swing to
9am-10am Carpet Lessons Wave n/a
10am-11am Cum Back to Realiti w~a~v~e there was a time when the music would play
11am-12pm Me Time Anything
12pm-1pm Flying Fantasies Wave / Electronic Keep your head in the clouds
1pm-2pm If You’re Feeling Sinister Wave Yeezy taught me
2pm-3pm Spaghetti and Meepos indeh Oprah’s favorite songs
3pm-4pm Fragical Mystery Tour Wave/Prog/Rock Perfectly Prog
4pm-5pm Lady Daydream Chitchat and storybooks Lazy sundaze nap time murmurs
5pm-6pm Earthling Report Wave Terrestrial Noises
6pm-7pm Aural Sex Smokey beats The cherry on top
7pm-8pm The Department of Homeland Obscurity Electronic/Hip-Hop Beats and Bangers
8pm-9pm Maddest Tacos Wave/Folk/World/Good Angriest Mexican Food
9pm-10pm KWUR COMMUNITY BROADCAST YEEEEAAAAAAHHH !!!!!!!!!!!! must listen
10pm-11pm poppy disk hip hop, electronic, experimental, r&b, metal, indie rock, classical, jazz, folk, blues, world & its various micro-genres my show is like a wine-tasting or cheese-tasting event but with music. you get a bit of everything and you’ll leave satisfied.
11pm-12am Axon Terminal





Time Show Name Genre Tagline
12am-1am Full House w/ Danny & Tanner Variety You got it, dude!
9am-10am Mis Pijamas wave Pónselos
10am-11am supple queefs <3 “Everything except country” Let’s share this experience together
12pm-1pm sad po’ boys club whatever i want music curated by yung lean meat
1pm-2pm the fabian society punk we’ll get to the revolution eventually
2pm-3pm relish in this anguish indie/new wave/whatever when you hand the weird kid the aux cord
3pm-4pm Loose Kannin EDM Two fingers to the sky
4pm-5pm Mystik Spiral a bit of this and that… (Insert pop culture reference)
5pm-6pm The Red Coats Are Coming Alternative RnB Still playing jams from the Commonwealth
6pm-7pm B.O.A.T.S Miscellaneous Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.
7pm-8pm Odd Logic Wave The worst of the dirty dale
8pm-9pm Let There Be Jazz jazz Take the jazz train
9pm-10pm I Dream of Meme Jazz and Blues primarily, or whatever I’m feeling Elitist Music for the Common People
10pm-12am Fine Exotic Materials Funk/Jazz/World Don’t Worry, We Brought Only The Finest Exotic Materials





Time Show Name Genre Tagline
12am-1am Trump’s Wig 2016 (White) House Music The Only Hairdo America Needs
1am-2am Soggy Nacho Takes St. Louis Wave af I’m scared of math
9am-10am Scenes From a Hat Wave As Always The Points Don’t Matter
10am-11am Free Time Wave (but also maybe folk and classical too idk) “Am I right ladies?”
11am-12pm The Campfire folk/country/alt rock Welcome to the Campfire
12pm-1pm Signifier/Signified Wave significantly insignificant
1pm-2pm A Bundle of Blankets Star-domed Beach Hamsters and Elder Berries
2pm-3pm The Accidental Radio Show Human Music Boh god how did i get here i am not good with radio
3pm-4pm Mx. Psychosis Omnigenre Problamtizing All Your Favorite Binaries
4pm-5pm catpowerhour waVe (to your mom, don’t be rude) *screams internally*
5pm-6pm Caffeinated Comatose electronic/wave/R&B We’re all addicted to something
6pm-7pm $pinspirati0n Chillwave listen to us we don’t sleep
7pm-8pm Assorted Fuzz and the Lonely Nipple Wave Exactly what you think
8pm-10pm Seismic Pickles
10pm-11pm Shively’s Old Tuneshack eclectic/ wave The Rebirth of the Chili Mac Power Hour
11pm-12am Creature Feature Wave Music for creatures





Time Show Name Genre Tagline
12am-1am Sleeping Mind cool whatever man
1am-2am waking up the neighbors Electronic cw’s musical Pedialyte
9am-10am Radioral Wave/Rock It’s going down
10am-11am Breakfast Fusion World Fusion better than breakfast
12pm-1pm TBD wave TBD
1pm-2pm Freaking Out the Neighborhood hip-hop/electric all the music you’re not supposed to hear
2pm-3pm The Cut hip-hop/footwork/ You’re in the cut with…
3pm-4pm Pues Nada Wavey Venga, tío.
4pm-5pm The American Fearsome Critter blues n bluegrass backwoods legit
5pm-6pm Good Evening Vietnam Different theme every week This one’s for Patrick. I mean, he’s not dead anything, but he likes the show
6pm-7pm what. alternative rock all sorts of rock and alternative music from all sorts of decades
7pm-8pm The Participation Trophy Sports Keep Choppin’ Wood
8pm-10pm BATPANDArama electronic/hip-hop/rap very srs business
10pm-12am Surprise Party everything you never know what you’re gonna hear next





Time Show Name Genre Tagline
12am-1am Sin Pantalones wave/alt/indie/other 60% clothed
9am-10am Delta Gramma Wave lol i can’t wait for sunrise yoga!
10am-11am Taser Foster Wallace Wave BPA-free radio programming, straight to your doorstep.
11am-12pm Big Things Talk show alright, this is it
12pm-1pm Salsa Tequila and a Churro Electronical Indical Ethereal Magic Kapadayummm
1pm-2pm hugs not ugh’s wave it’s whatever
2pm-3pm The English Breakfast Wave Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
3pm-4pm Thom Yorke’s Lazy Eye Wavy Best Show Ever
4pm-5pm Kurt Vile Is a Swell Guy
5pm-6pm Char Lane Beats Wave, hip hop Tune in!
6pm-7pm Donut Emotions Wave Brought to you by John’s Donuts
7pm-8pm Red Sound Wavezzzz Talk/World Walter Benjamin on mic, funky global tunes on waves
8pm-10pm Visions of Collisions Hard Rock/Alternative/Metal assorted noise
10pm-12am Mulberry Boxing Gloves extreme FOREVER





Time Show Name Genre Tagline
12am-1am Lampost Accord Alt/Indie Rock + Misc. It’s a wonderful life.
7am-8am Nacho Poncho Indie Folk Not. Your. Poncho.
10am-11am The Great Outdoors Wave Enjoy the great outdoors…indoors
11am-12pm Crabgrass Wave Grass, sass, and zero class
12pm-1pm Turn Up or Transfer EDM/Hip-Hop Finna Get Loud and Get Down
1pm-2pm Bruh Hip Hop/Edm Bruh I See You
2pm-3pm Swanson’s Swan Dress Wave, Hip-Hop, Indie America’s Channel for Everything Sealandic
3pm-4pm Songs Sung by Shadows Post rock, math rock, downtempo Sweet grooves to soothe and move
4pm-5pm Shut Up and Listen Wave please?
5pm-6pm K-War 1
6pm-7pm Castles in the Sky of Diamonds Electronic Why have a house when you can have a castle
7pm-8pm Picamás Todo y nada Remember to buckle your seatbelts
8pm-9pm The Triple A Battery Wave Electric!;
9pm-10pm Radio Gnome Invisible Various (inc. progressive rock, fusion) Your one-stop shop for Canterbury rock (and more!)
10pm-11pm Shy Guy Show Korean Hip-Hop It’s not just K-Rap
11pm-12am Some Music gogo, hip-hop, soul, wave, rock For your enjoyment.





Time Show Name Genre Tagline
10am-1pm Musica esoterica classical (mostly) unfamiliar classical music
1pm-2pm Happy Hour cosmic But only cosmos
2pm-3pm Mellow Moods With Sammy C Jazz, blues, folk, indie, funk Easy Listening
3pm-4pm Wandering the Desert Folk alternative ~let’s watch along the dry lengthening shadows~
4pm-5pm Rhythm Nation 80/90sR&B,Funk,Talk Two outspoken college kids. Nothing can go wrong there.
5pm-6pm Mild Chaos indie/electro/r&b ???
6pm-7pm Bootleg Hour Old Folk/Old Rock/Old Stuff it’s banjo time
7pm-8pm Bougie Nights
8pm-9pm Manna Alternative Manna you serious?



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