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This band is what goddamn rock music is about. Containing future members of Pere Ubu and the Dead Boys, they existed for less than a year in Cleveland, OH, in 1974. These two tracks, 30 Seconds Over Tokyo and Final Solution, are completely brilliant. So far ahead of their time, good lord.

“30 Seconds…” is about the famed Doolittle Raid, as portrayed in the film Pearl Harbor (or the film 30 Seconds Over Tokyo). In case you can’t guess from the song, the Doolittle Raid was essentially a suicide mission to bomb Tokyo. This song is so completely rocking and amazing that I can’t describe it. GUITARS ARE BOMBS! DRUMS ARE BOMBS! YOUR BRAIN IS SHATTERED BY THE AWESOME POWER OF GUITAR-BOMBS AND EXPLODING DRUM-FLAK AS YOU BRUTALLY BOMB A CITY FROM 40,000 FEET!

Final Solution is about not fitting in, and JUST WAIT FOR THE SURPRISE CHORUS!

Sometimes rock music is about really unacceptable metaphors that make everyone uncomfortable.

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