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RFT hearts KWUR Week artists by

This year’s RFT award nominees were recently announced, and they’re chock full of acts you’ve (yes, you!) seen at KWUR Week. The Feed, who were last minute fill-ins from 2006, were nominated for best live act and best pop band. The Sex Robots, who were part of the 2007 St. Louis showcase, will be competing with the Feed for best pop band (pop?), as well as getting a best album nomination for Peat Sounds (technically by the Pubes, but hey, who’s counting). So Many Dynamos, who played at the same show, were nominated for best live act and best indie rock band, where they’ll compete with Man Man opener(/overshadower?) Bunnygrunt. From this year’s slate of shows, Jumbling Towers and Say Panther each will be competing with So Many Dynamos for indie rock honors, and from the year’s only hip hop show at the Gargoyle, Earthworms earned a nomination for hip-hop act, and DJ Crucial for hip-hop DJ. Basically, KWUR Week is the shit.

KWUR alum DJ Trackstar also got a hip-hop DJ nomination, and friends of KWUR Magnolia Summer were nominated for untraditional Americana/folk. You can vote on the awards by clicking here.

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