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No Age– Losing Feeling EP:
more no-agery from these two LA dudes without age. All Good!
1. real good, long buildup to rocking conclusion
2. slower and quietery, pretty, acoustic guitar!?
3. instrumental, drifty, slow
***4. typical awesome no age song. loud, distorted, fun, yeah! Play it!
All Clean

Jay Reatard– Watch Me Fall
more dumb but catchy punky garage from mr. Reatard. Plenty of good tracks, but doesn’t particularly grab me. Play!
**1. Really Catchy!
4. acoustic but fast
**5. herky jerky, really good
6. less frenetic
**7. sweetheart guitar and backing vocals
12. slower, pretty, nice
FCC Warning: 8, 9


Monsters of Folk:
A supergroup! Jim James (my morning jacket), Conor Oberst and Mike Magis of Bright Eyes, M. Ward. Recommended if you like any of those groups. This ain’t just folk– this is just about everything and most of it works. Electro-pop (1), rock (2.11), country, folk, etc.
Try Anything, but:
1– awesome, poppy
4– great MMJ-ish folk
7–upbeat, almost bluegrass, great
10- slide guitar, pretty

The Fresh and Onlys– Grey Eyed Girls
Recommended if you like: thee oh sees, crystal stilts
another awesome act from S.F, these guys play chilly, distorted garage rock (a la crystal stilts) galloping rhythms and melodies, along with strained vocals, dominate the record. There are some excellent tracks here:
**1– tongue in cheek lyrics
*2– okay
****3– noisy, good
**4– slower pop
****5– GREAT
***6– creepy
***7– organ, yeah!
**8– good
***9– excellent!
*10- good
**11– galloping rock
****12— epic build

More to Come!

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