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Quasi-interview: White Rabbits by

January 22nd, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Before last night’s show with White Denim and the Walkmen, I had a chance to talk with Alex Even, guitarist for the White Rabbits. While I didn’t have the chance to prepare for a more comprehensive interview, Alex was gracious enough to give me these little nuggets:

On Columbia, MO: A great place to start a band. They were able to get all their embarrassing stuff out [of their system] there.

On Wash U: He’s heard of it! Fond memories.

On the band that will be the next White Rabbits: White Denim (When I asked the question, I was referring to another band from Columbia, but hey, White Denim was great, so no complaints here)

On the Walkmen: “Inspiring”

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