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Primavera Sound Review – Friday by


On Friday the venue swelled with many more people flocking to the Forum to see The Pixies headling show. I started the afternoon at Spoon’s set on San Miguel. It was the first time I saw Spoon and while their was mixed reaction in the crowd, the funky grooves that Britt Daniel and the gang deployed made Spoon was the perfect catalyst to get me revved up again after a late Thursday night. After catching a bit of raucus provided by Spanish rock outfit Mujeres, I caught most of Coco Rosie’s set. Coco Rosie music seems to fall somewhere along the lines of opera and hip hop…opera-hop maybe a suitable classification. The dramatic droning female vocals from Bianca and Sierra Cassidy, layered with a harp, all backed by a French beat boxer made for one of the most interesting sets of the weekend – accompanied by their quite avante-garde video show.

Next up Wilco gave the crowd a long set of polished classics exhibiting their years of experience and ability to lead some drawn out jam sessions. Wilco comes off as one of the most versatile bands that can adjust their size, sound, to meet the needs of a small theater in Chicago to a huge stage out in Barcelona.

The Pixies followed on the main stage to what was the largest crowd of the weekend and one of the best sets. Kim Deal looked incredibly happy while strumming the spinal cord to many of the Pixies songs while Frank Black belted out well dusted hits from Surfer Rosa and Doolittle. The packed crowd wailed back, danced in the space between shoulders, and I think the fair amount of beer being tossed was another sign of pure excitement from the Spanish fans.

Closing out Friday I saw the tail end of Major Lazer’s late night set – which is pure joy and hilarity. Finally, I caught Yeasayer’s 2:30am set filled with their psychadelic-middle eastern-pop gems like “Ambling Alm”, “One” and “2080”. The perfect nightcap for Friday that gave the electric charge for another full day of shows on Saturday.

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