September 16th, 2013 by Arrrrrv

We caught up with New Orleans sludge metal dudebros THOU (with special guest Rorick of CLOUD RAT) after their show at Fubar yesterday, and decided that they would be our guinea pigs for our new blog feature, FIVE SONGS TO LISTEN TO. As you may have guessed, we ask various persons/musicians/friends to list five songs that they think everyone should hear.

Without further ado:

Five songs to listen to, by THOU:


1. Queensryche – Suite Sister Mary:
2. The Smashing Pumpkins – I Am One:
3. Alanis Morissette – You Oughta Know:
4. Die Antwoord – Fatty Boom Boom:
5. Abner Jay – I'm So Depressed:


Five songs to listen to, by Rorik of CLOUD RAT:


1. Wipers – Doom Town:
2. Dido – Sand In My Shoes:
3. Icy Demons – Trial By Lasers:
4. Etta James – All I Could Do Was Cry:
5. The Beta Band – Dry The Rain

Honorable mention: The Osmonds – Crazy Horses:

("It sounds like the Osmonds covering Zeppelin, man!" – Rorik)



Big thanks to Thou and Cloud Rat for their time. Stay tuned for more installments of FIVE SONGS TO LISTEN TO!

Fall Metal Concert Calendar!

September 12th, 2013 by Arrrrrv

What follows is a brief synopsis of noteworthy metal concerts happening in the St. Louis area in the fall of 2013. This is not a comprehensive list, but merely a collection of shows that I think are awesome and worth going to.


9/11 – Harm’s Way/Dead in the Dirt/Homewrecker/Batallion/Perfect People – The Demo

– A vicious hardcore/grind lineup, highlighted by Atlanta’s Dead in the Dirt, self-described as “vegan, straight edge grindcore”.


9/15 – Thou/Fister/Cloud Rat/False – FUBAR

– Doom, gloom, and a little sludge. Notable due to a very rare live appearance from New Orleans underground sludge miscreants THOU, as well as the always-excellent local talent, Fister.


9/18 – Intronaut/Vattnet Viskar/The Gorge/White Fire – The Firebird

– Vattnet Viskar and Intronaut both released new albums in the past few months, and Intronaut just wrapped up a big tour with Meshuggah. Proggy, moshy goodness, preceded by the naturalistic, raw black metal of Vattnet Viskar.


9/20 – Andrew WK/The Scam/431 – FUBAR

– When it’s time to party, we will party hard.


9/25 – Centuries/Pray for Teeth/Strangers Now/Cathedral Fever/Dissention – FUBAR

– Hardcore done right, courtesy of Florida’s Centuries, who are touring in support of their latest release, “Taedium Vitae”, released via the incredible Southern Lord Recordings.


10/1 – Scorpion Child/Kadavar/Wilson/Gypsyhawk/Mothership – The Firebird

– Campy psych-prog-stoner rock, powered by vest-wearing Germans Kadavar, and California’s Gypsyhawk.


10/6 – Saint Vitus/Pallbearer/The Hookers/Fister – The Firebird

– Legendary American doom metal founders Saint Vitus, alongside Pallbearer, whose 2012 release, “Sorrow and Extinction” ranked among the best of the year. Additional support from local curmudgeons Fister. Do not miss this show, period.


11/4 – Black Tusk/Inter Arma – The Firebird

– Burly Southern Sludge/hardcore via Georgia partiers Black Tusk, touring in support of their recent EP “Tend No Wounds”, along with the prairie-tinged sludge-doom of Richmond’s Inter Arma, whose latest release “Sky Burial” is one of the best records of 2013. Another show that shouldn’t be missed.


11/13 – The Black Dahlia Murder/Skeletonwitch/Fallujah/Wolvhammer – The Firebird

– The headliners are the least impressive band on this tour. Which says a lot about the strength of the three supporting acts. Check out the furious blackened thrash of Cleveland stalwards Skeletonwitch (who have a new record out October 29th), the raging, frenetic death metal of newcomers Fallujah, and the violent, misanthropic, anti-human black metal of Wolvhammer. Yet another show that should not be passed over.


Big ups to The Firebird for stepping up their metal game, and booking some quality acts.


The Ghost of KWUR Past

July 17th, 2013 by laurelmo

As many of you know, we are moving out of our beloved station in the basement of the Women's Building this summer and into the attic of the architectural eyesore that is the DUC. Our last day in old KWUR is tomorrow (!), so TUNE IN for lots of special, last ever old station broadcasts.

To honor of my favorite spot in the whole world, here are some pictures of the station in all of its glory, before we hauled everything out. Take a moment and reminisce about the only evidence of any sort of counterculture/cool stuff of the past that existed on Wash U's campus.

KWUR doors

KWUR loungeKWUR air studio

KWUR tags - krokusKWUR stacks o' records

Franco-Hill “Vibrate Higher”

July 1st, 2013 by NattyG









     St. Louis duo Franco-Hill have been consistently blowing the minds of local music fans and casual listeners alike since April 2012 with their genre-defying sound that seamlessly flows between hip-hop, jazz, soul and funk. Don't sleep on these guys– their instrumental album Vibrate Higher, released June 21st, is definitely worth a listen. 

   Producer/guitarist Michael Franco's sharp ear and drummer Jeffery Hill's unparalleled skill make for a dynamic pairing– their music is rich, complex, and soulful, with perfectly timed samples and precise tempo, an unmistakable sound that is both crisp and dreamlike. Toeing the line between electronic music and live instrumentation, Franco-Hill decidedly favors their own raw musical talent, emphasizing Hill's relentless percussion and flourishes of guitar/bass accompaniment from Franco. Riverfront Times "Best of St. Louis"-nominated Franco-Hill have been a near-constant presence in the St. Louis music scene for over a year– both individually and as the instrumental backing for various other local acts– leaving a swath of enraptured fans and collaboration-hungry musicians everywhere they perform.

    Their highly-anticipated debut album "Vibrate Higher", was released on 6/21 via bandcamp. You can find it, listen to it, and then buy it here

    They have a free mixtape, "Batman and the Black Bruce Wayne" (5/21), consisting of beats produced individually by Franco (Batman) and Hill (Black Bruce Wayne), also available on their bandcamp page.

Huerco S. Interview & Mix

May 20th, 2013 by Cord


Huerco S. is an electronic music producer/DJ based in Kansas City who's been steadily releasing material over the past few years on labels such as Wicked Bass, Opal Tapes, Future Times, and Prohibito. His work has been gaining notice from the underground electronic music community, appearing in online publications Resident Advisor and XLR8R. KWUR was lucky enough to have him perform a DJ set in the Gargoyle for the KWUR Week 2013 Electronic Showcase. In case you missed out on that, I asked him to put together a mix that I played on my show last month. Included in the mix are some of Huerco's own tracks that will be released on his first LP due out later this year. Since he's such a nice dude, I also asked Huerco a few questions to go along with the mix. Check it out and enjoy!


Describe your sound in two words
Huerco S.

What’s your production process like?
Ritually turning mundane tasks into something of great purpose. I'm always drawing parallels between the act of making music and the act of, let's say building an earthen mound. The repetitive nature of the work is something I enjoy.

How did you get in to electronic music?
During high school I was mostly listening to hardcore/noise/punk and eventually got burnt out on that really aggressive sound. The soulful and upbeat nature of drum & bass and jungle made a great segue.

What are some of your influences, musically or otherwise?
Pre-Columbian America and Kansas City Jazz.


What are you looking forward to for the second half of 2013?
Touring is a big one for me. I'll be heading to Europe for the first time this June, so excited. Also looking forward to working in collaboration with some friends. We'll see.

You’ve got a full-length album coming out sometime soon. How’s that production been compared to releasing EPs?
For this particular release I wanted to showcase a more "experimental" side to my production. I really admire people like Rene Pawlowitz aka Shed. His full lengths are absolutely mental and all over the place, yet his EPs generally consist of dancefloor related material. I just want to do it all and I don't see any reason why I can't.

How is it being based in KC? What’s the scene like?
It's lovely really. Rent is ridiculously cheap, so just in the fact I don't have to work 60hrs a week to survive allows me time to work. The city itself is always a source of inspiration, the architecture, the isolation. As far as a scene goes it's just me and my friends.


What have you been listening to recently / releases you’re looking forward to?
My taste lately has been really reflective of the weather (crisp, bouncy, warm, angular, gleaming). Really been lovely Funkineven's NTS radio shows, stoked for the Kyle Hall LP, been listening to a lot of New Musik.

You’ve had digital, vinyl, and cassette releases so far. How’s that experience been and do you have any preference?
Digital and cassette are good in there own right, but I really only prefer to release on vinyl from here on out. I do believe however there will be a CD accompaniment to the 2xLP coming out this summer. I just love the tactile relationship you can have with a record. Never really felt that with digital or tapes.

Weirdest or most exotic place you’ve performed so far?
Haha California is pretty exotic for me, just got back a couple weeks ago…such a trip. I played packed in a laundry room in Montreal, that was pretty insane.

You’ve released under the alias “Royal Crown of Sweden,” aka “R.C.O.S.” Any plans for a “H.U.E.” release? Any different approach when releasing under an alias?
Hahaha you caught that. Wasn't sure if anyone would get it. Yeah I generally use an alias as a break or departure from what I'm currently doing. So for the RCOS stuff i really just wanted to make House tracks and I felt like that wouldn't necessarily fit as Huerco S.


If you had a time machine when and where would you go?
1340s North America, would be lovely just to walk around and experiencing this massive continent free from our corruption.


Here's the link to the mix on Soundcloud since the widget can't seem to find it:


Exael – Room of Veiled Lights
Konx-om-Pax – Let's Go Swimming
Ñaka Ñaka – 00000003
Huerco S. – Younger
Huerco S. – Skug Kommune
Huerco S. – Canticoy
MGUN – Tritan
Austin Cesear – Hac? Jam
Shadowlust – Garden


Huerco S. Soundcloud (Download his 2011 EP for free) & Discogs