The KWUR Blog – A Rennaisance

January 27th, 2013 by TheGreatFoist

Hello readers. T.G. Foist here.


We're making an effort to ressurect the blog – start checking back here for KWUR news (there will be plenty of it this semester) and random musings. This is something of a random musing, but first some quick KWUR newses:


- Spring programming is officially ON! Check to see what's happening for the next few months, and of course, tune in on our stream or 90.3 FM.


- Stack sessions are coming back! Stay tuned for more info.


Now on to the post. This is precipitated by today's news that the new My Bloody Valentine album is set to drop some time in the next few days. It's about time. I'm going to pretend that this latest bit of news is totally reliable, and ask: What are we supposed to listen to for the next 2-3 days until the album comes out (besides the KWUR stream)?


I think the answer is a KWUR-prescribed helping of shoegaze, while avoiding MBV at all costs. First, this regimen could help ease the massive level of disappointment that you might experience upon hearing the new album, which is probably the most anticipated album in the entire age of indie music. If it stinks, you can just put the old MBV stuff back on, and even have some new shoegaze artists for your consolation. Furthermore, checking out some of KWUR's favorite shoegaze might help expand your tastes beyond the narrow range of big-name shoegaze bands, who have a near-oligopolistic standing in the genre. Finally, there is something about shoegaze that makes it fit in very well with the St. Louis spring, where you have those random bursts of 70-80 degree days. The basic features of shoegaze music (loudness, melodicism) complement the ecstatic sensory overload that I tend to associate with this type of weather.


Here are some of my favorites. I believe we have original physical copies of all of these albums in the station, too. Cool! Please comment with your own links and suggestions.


The Boo Radleys


The atmosphere of their music is a little lighter and airier than most shoegaze tends to be, but when they go into blister mode, they blister with the best.




All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors


One of the only shoegaze bands I've heard that can jangle, rock, bleep, bloop, and screech all in one song.




Sweet Trip


One album wonder (2003's Velocity:Design:Comfort), but the album is an amazing combination of modern electronics and shoegaze.






Basically everything they do is completely percussionless, slow, dense, and reverby.






Questionable combination of shoegaze and alt rock machismo. But often enough, they get it just right (hear: chorus of Duel).




A Very Late Recap: KWUR/ KSLU KICKBALL 2012

December 12th, 2012 by laurelmo

Kickball Champions Everyone!

Back in October, the KWUR Kickball All-stars played the KSLUzers in the annual kickball showdown.  While our athletic skills may not have led us to victory, we surely had the most fun and a valiant effort was made by all!

Exclusive interview with Polly Ferman this Sat. 10/6/12, ~12PM

October 4th, 2012 by George Y.

The pianist Polly Ferman, a specialist in tango and South American music, is performing a solo recital at UMSL's Touhill Performing Arts Center this Saturday night, 10/6/12, at 8 PM.  I will be interviewing her this coming Saturday on my show, around 12 noon.  She'll be bringing her recordings.  This is her only radio interview in St. Louis before her concert.  Some videos of her performances are here, here, and here

(PS: Yes, there is a certain irony that Wash. U.'s radio station is featuring an interview with an artist performing at UMSL.)


September 9th, 2012 by laurelmo

The Spits live show

Recommended shows in the coming months, mostly of the rock and roll variety.  GET YOUR MOSH ON

Sat 9/15 – Two Gallants @ Plush – Sometimes rockin' folk music

Wed 9/26 – White Mystery, Sleepy and the Bedtimes, The Brainstems @ CBGB – AWESOME loud, fast garage rock brother/sister duo from Chicago with KWUR DJs present and past's band The Brainstems, presented by Acid Kat Zine. GO!

Thurs 9/27 – Moon Duo @ The Firebird – Drone-y, noisy psych rock 

Fri 9/28 – Pokey LaFarge an the South City Three @ Off Broadway – Local, old-timey folk that is loved by all.  If you haven't seen Pokey's live show it is not to be missed!

Sat 9/29 – Guided By Voices @ Plush – Late 80s – 90s lo-fi rock and a KWUR favorite. Robert Pollard's still got it! 

Sun 9/30 – R. Stevie Moore (with KWUR local faves Little Big Bangs) @ Off Broadway

Sat 10/6 – Bunnygrunt @ Schlafly Tap Room – '90s twee, good and local

Tue 10/23 – Swans @ The Firebird – Abrasive, noisy, industrial post-punkers from the '80s/'90s just released a new album that rocks.

Sun 10/28 – Primus @ Peabody Opera House – IS THIS REAL?! Weirdo 80s rockers at the Opera House? 

Mon 10/29 – AC Newman @ The Duck Room at Blueberry Hill – Solo project of The New Pornographers frontman which is way more rockin and piano-heavy.

Thu 11/1 – OFF! and The Spits @ Fubar – New band of Keith Morris (Black Flag, Circle Jerks) with Lo-fi garage punk vets the Spits. Mosh your brains out!

Fri 11/2 – The Fresh and Onlys @ The Firebird – More garage rock if you can't get enough

Mon 11/5 – Why? @ The Luminary

Fri 11/16 – Future Islands @ Off Broadway – I LOVE THIS BAND! Electronic, new wavey band from Dan Deacon's Wham City cast of characters known for awesome, intense live shows. 

Tue 11/20 – Japandroids @ Firebird – Rock duo with a great live show

see you there, twerps.



Summer of Fuzz

August 16th, 2012 by laurelmo

Summer of FuzzSt. Louis zine Acid Kat  just collaborated with Fuzz City Records on the Summer of Fuzz cassette, a garage rock comp with some RAD bands including Part Time, White Mystery, and Chain & the Gang. There's a stream and more deetz up at Impose Magazine, and while you're at it, check out the Acid Kat Zine blog and see what people are doing to keep garage rock alive in the local community!