Attn current DJs: HollyWU Panel

February 9th, 2015 by abby

Hey deejs, here's a quick announcement via our very own Career Center for those of you interested in broadcasting. Check it out if you'd like to know more about jobs and internships in entertainment in LA.

A group of enthusiastic young alumni who are employed in the entertainment space out in Los Angeles are working to further develop the Washington University community in the field via an initiative they are calling HollyWU.  Through HollyWU, these alumni are also very interested in mentoring and helping current students pursue entertainment career opportunities (jobs and internships) in LA. 

One of the first steps the newly formed group is taking is to host a virtual Google Hangout Information Session for current students.  Below you will find details on the session, along with the direct link for students to sign-up to participate.  

HollyWU Panel and Q&A
VIRTUAL Google Hang out Session on Saturday, February 21 from 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

RSVP in CAREERlink :

Come video conference with a group of young alumni who work in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles to learn about their experiences in Hollywood and get your questions answered. All majors welcome. We will discuss how to start your career in the industry, how to find internships, what kinds of internships are best, the plethora of different types of tracks you can take, what it's like to live in LA, getting here and around during your summer internship and more! We will have different types of alumni to tell their story; everything from film & TV producing/development, talent representation, writer/director, digital media. These alums want to help you!


January 25th, 2015 by abby


(Make sure to specify "KWUR" under "Designation Options"!)

This week (Monday 1/26 through Saturday 1/31) is Hustle Week, KWUR’s annual fundraising drive!


Radio isn’t cheap so we’re asking you, our listeners, to please donate so we can continue providing the quality programming you enjoy every day. KWUR is one of the last remaining independent and fully student managed stations in the country. Our freeform format allows students to Boldy Go Where No Station Has Gone Before. If you care about KWUR and enjoy the programming we provide everyday, please consider donating!


To donate any amount to the station, you can call the station to pledge at (314) 935-5952. DJs will be manning the phones most hours from 9:00 AM to midnight through Saturday January 31st to take your pledges.You can also donate online easily and securely simply clicking the link above and specifying "KWUR" under "Designation Options" — email me at to make your pledge and specify the gift you'd like in return!


Here are the gifts available in exchange for your donations this year:

$10: A special acrostic CD, personalized to your name

$25: KWUR T-shirt

$50: Limited Edition KWUR Sweatshirt

$100: We will name part of station after you for an entire year

$150: Custom station ID

$300: We will dedicate an entire day of programming of to you (you pick the date – your birthday??)

As part of the Hustle Week festivities, we will have our annual All Night Broadcast this Thursday, 1/29. Tune in between 8pm on Thursday and 8am on Friday to hear special programming throughout the evening from KWUR DJs. Support college radio! We are thankful for any and all contributions that you decide to make.


December 7th, 2014 by Arrrrrv

We have resurrected the KWUR zine, Sample. Peruse at your disposal, it's pretty fuckin sweet. Many thanks to our promotions director Alex Berger for taking lots of time to put this thing together.




November 17th, 2014 by shishiii

For this installment of "Five Songs to Listen To" we have some timeless and generally spacey (mostly) electronic music from rising producer William Thurman, also known as Royer. While he's currently residing in Chicago and putting out sexy deep house tunes on Tasteful Nudes and Material Image, he has roots in Paris, FR and Copenhagen, DK, where I had the pleasure of running into him late one night. He's made a trip over to play in Berlin recently and has been doing the rounds in the US. Without further ado, here are his five songs:


1) Newworldaquarium – Avon Sparkle

Could have been so many tracks coming from NWAQ (NY, Trespassers), he is really one of a kind in making loops that are still exciting after 6 min.


2) Gigi Galaxy – The Dream

In a similar vibe, a track that could go on forever and seems still so fresh after 20 years (1994!)


3) The Railway Raver – Yes I Can Feel It

I have a soft spot for happy/emo slow juno/acid tracks and that is definitely one of my favorites coming from a guy who only released 3-4 records unfortunately.


4) X men – Retour aux pyramides

an all time french rap classic, that was on the soundtrack of "Ma 6-T Va Crack-er"


5) AFX – Mangle 11

Just because this track is marvelously insane, and also for a subtle use of a Pierre Schaeffer sample in the middle/later part of the track.


Be on the lookout for more of WIlliam Thurman's music – follow his soundcloud, scope his discogs, and check out some of his artwork as well. 


November 4th, 2014 by Arrrrrv

SLC doom trio MAKING FUCK are set to release their debut full-length "A Harrowing End" this upcoming spring. I was fortunately enough to grab a list of five songs to listen to from guitarist/cool guy Kory Quist – it's a sick list, so please check it out!


"five songs to listen to"

Shit. this is going to be a hard one. When I think about this question it reminds me of one of my favorite movies – High Fidelity with Jon Cusack. He gets asked a question about his top five favorite albums, and can't come up with a straight answer, only more questions like: when, at home? in the club? .. and so on'.

I guess what I'll do is five songs that are helping me reflect as the winter gets closer and the dawn of a new year is at hand.

Number 1:

Airport by Karate.

This band is one of my most favorite bands to always listen to. But this particular track reminds of the days before jadedness set in, and my friends and I all still had big dreams of being something some day. It makes me think about all the friends that have come and gone. but mostly the ones I'm still friends with. I love it when i get to hang out with some old faces I've known for a decade or more. Feeling that comfortable is.. well, comforting.

Number 2:

Micheal by sadistik


This song is about Sadistik finding his dear friend Micheal "Eyedea" Larson dead from a drug overdose.

Any art that is sincerely an imitation of someone's life, I seem to gravitate towards. This song in particular really caught my attention. I like a lot of what this dude does. but this song and the spoken word at the end really hits me hard in trying to understand the world, people, and myself.

Number 3:

The Great Cessation -YOB

The progression of this great band amazes me every time I rock any one of their records. You know Mike is a true artist, which I love. I feel like you get a much more intimate connection with YOB with each record. My dad used to talk about the "classics" when I was young. Well dad, this band is a fucking classic!

Number 4:

Untitled Love Song by The Angels Of Light.

We play loud heavy emotional music in what I thought was rebellion, but I think we are all hopeless romantics in the end, influenced by stories and movies about "true love" with happy endings. We crave this non-realist movie ending that is never going to happen. This song helps me realize that my existence is nothing compared to life as a whole.

Number 5:
Mongrel by Cult Leader

Living in SLC and seeing the progression of the bands and people throughout the years has sustained insight to not only my own learning and progression but for a repressed scene's learning and progression. This song speaks so loudly to me. These dudes defiantly pushing the norm. Thanks for being inspiring to a dead scene .


Big thanks to Kory for his time. Stay tuned for more installments of FIVE SONGS TO LISTEN TO.