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was back in thirty-two when times were hard
I had a sawed-off shotgun and cold deck a cards
wore a brown squire suit and a big beaver hat
and if you motherfuckers ever saw me I was dressed like hat

wore brown suede shoes and a diamond-studded cane
had a twelve-inch peg with a be-bop chain
now times turned hard and the weather grew cold
my old lady kicked my ass out said her love had grown old

so I took me a walk down to rampart street
where all the bad motherfuckers are supposed tomeet
I walked through six inches a shit and ten inches a mud
to a place they call the bucket of blood

called the bartender to give me a bite to eat
he gave me a muddy glass and a tough piece of meat
I say “say sonuvabitch don’t you know who I am?”
he said “frankly mister I don’t give a damn”

he said “I’ve heard of you down the way
I meet you raggedyass bastards damn near every day”
well the motherfucked never said much more
for one of my bullets laid the bastard dead on the floor

a lady walked in said “oh god please”
I said “speak softly ma’am his mind is at ease”
she said “please don’t tell me my son is dead”
I said “if you don’t believe me cunt look at the hole in his head”

she said “I’ve heard of you you bastard your name is STACK
but you better not be here when billy lion get back”
“I’ll be here when the time comes and pass
and fuck your billy lion right dead in his ass”


judge said, “well now stack you’ve led a simple life
fucked your sister and killed your wife
there’s only one thing left for me to that’s give you twenty years time”
I said, “well fuck judge that’s nothin my mother’s doin’ twentynine”


I had a planned to write a real response/continuation to brent’s stack lee post
but it just got away from me you know

and then HERE HERE HERE there’s this great free zip comp of some of the best versions
so I suggest you head over there and check those out

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