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Local Artists of the Week Nov 14 – 20 by

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To all those interested in the local scene, here our our top 5 local artists of the week. Also, take a look at some new album reviews from local bands.
  1. 1. Troubadour Dali
  2. 2. The Bottoms Up Blues Gang
  3. 3. Popular Mechanics
  4. 4. Jon Hardy & the Public
  5. 5. Pokey LaFarge & the South City Three

New Releases

Jon Hardy & the Public – A Hard Year
I am consistently astounded by Jon Hardy & the Public. On their newest EP "A Hard Year" they continue the great successes of their prevous releases. The band plays tight, dynamic pop and soul tunes led by the charismatic singer Jon Hardy. I am pleased to see the band release only original material where they have previously relied on some cover songs. This shows growth and confidence in a band that most certainly has the chops to back it up. As with all their recordings, the fidelity is fantastic, with every guitar lick and drum beat mixed perfectly. The band also succeeds in concert, as shown by their packed release show at Off Broadway. Check these guys out!
Favorite Track: "Silver Moon"
Beth Bombara – Wish I Were You
Beth Bombara has made some great strides forward since her last EP a year ago. Her new album "Wish I Were You" is a mature effort that highlights her honest voice, earnest songwriting, and intimate performance. This full-length shows Beth to be an extemely versatile artist who can ably handle blues, country, rock, and folk songs. She weaves all these different genres into one disc that flows seamlessly from one track to the next. Tracks are expertly embellished by slide steel guitar, fiddle, keys, and banjo. 
Favorite Track: The slide steel glissando of "Rainbow"
Britches – Britches Demo
Britches plays downtempo, dissonent rock tunes featuring distant vocals and reverb soaked guitars. Although they are clearly indebted to Animal Collective, these guys are not scared to bare their teeth, scream a lot, and tear the shit out of their guitars and vocal chords. Fans of droney and noisy experimental music will dig this band. 
Favorite Track: "White Noise" where they may or may not be screaming about Evil Dead II. 
The Disapeared – Nothing Someone Something
I would not want to get in the Disappeared's way. They sound like a tractor trailer coming down the highway playing fast, furious, and heavy rock n roll. Punks and metal dudes will probably appreciate this album. The band could benefit from grittier production and a warmer sound. 
Favorite Track: balls to the wall rock on "Baby Brother"


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