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Livebloggin’ 6: The Final Countdown by

October 3rd, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

9:15, Biden, warm bucket of piss: Interesting response, gently poking at the executive situation over the past eight years.

9:16, Palin, warm bucket of piss: Me and Ifill are doing telepathy right now…wow, she really doesn’t know what the VP does. Fuck, she hasn’t read the Constitution, it seems. I’m ready to call it now, EPIC FAIL!

9:17, Biden, warm bucket of piss: Wow, this is going to sting. Link her to Cheney. Damn, he hit hard.

9:20, Biden, sorry, got distracted: Wow, he does this common man stuff well, eloquent, even crying? Holy shit!

9:21, Palin, sry: Both sides of the legislature are trying to impeach her, too…I was in the “Maverick position” once, hell of a time getting out of it…see, both parties suck, so let’s vote for one of them

9:23, Biden, maverick: Iluvhim, I luvhim, I luvhim…Swift boat him! Take apart the maverick.

9:24, Biden, had to change one held view: Thought he was going to do Iraq on this one, surprising. Interesting, using the conservative meme of judicial activism against them.

Losing it, sorry, we’re getting geared up for spin alley, Giuliani (that’s mussolini, believe me, boo) is outside, and my Brooklynite blood is boiling.

9:27, Biden: Wow, he is quite eloquent and charming on this kind of thing. Too bad it’s absolute fluff.

9:28, Palin: Fired people of various political affiliations, too…Is it gonna be ok?…Tax-and-spendocrats, will that fly.

9:29, Palin, closing statements: Without the filter? This is without the filter?…Economic freedom is real popular right now, right?…the conservative “isn’t it great back then” really does not ring true.

9:30, Biden, closing statements: I wonder where he grew up, he never talks about it, you know?…”Work hard and play by the rules”, winning formula for Dems, at least it used to be.

Alright folks, tune in to the feed, we’re gonna try and get at these bigs, see you there!

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