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Livebloggin’ 5: Fingers hurt so bad… by

October 3rd, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

9:01, Biden, Afghanistan: Man, this debate is stalling, which means that Palin wins by default.

9:01, Biden, Intervention: Ifill is asking some nice questions. I’m so glad she’s moderating this debate…It’s Palin’s response to Bosnia I’m interested in…Biden’s excuse for voting for the war is lame, the same way it was when Clinton said it…Darfur! The kids like that.

9:03, Palin, Intervention: Aw shucks, y’all, I’m not a Washington insider, I don’t know nothing bout no ko-so-vo. C’mon, America, you have to be horrified by this, it’s Bush’s populist conservative “jus’ folks” bullshit taken to a grotesque extreme. Does it seem as staged to you as it does to me? Does it sound as dumb to you as it does to me?

9:05, Biden, Intervention/Iraq: Does Biden look too much like a grumpy-puss?…It’s much harder for him to make “McCain’s got bad judgment” points than Barack Obama, since he’s tainted.

9:06, Palin, Iraq: She gets really thrown off when Biden gets tough on foreign policy.

9:07, Biden, Succession: “The worst outcome imaginable. But if it did…” lolz….Capture and kill! BLOODLUST, YEAH!…he really gets on a roll

9:09, Palin, Succession: “What do you expect!” this perkiness is surreal, “Maverick!” is not the answer they want here, you must be reading from the wrong sheet…I really hope this conservative ideology, with the fucking economy melting down, doesn’t hold water. Government, please help, no?

9:10, Biden, Succession: He doesn’t seem silly when he does the populist line, although there’s a little bit of “my father was a balllicker there”

9:11, Palin, Succession: Wow! “Say it ain’t so, Joe!” Shout-out?!? This woman is unhinged. Also, gaffe? Joe’s wife already has a reward in heaven.

9:13, Ifill: “Everybody gets extra credit tonight.” Marry me.

9:13, Palin, warm bucket of piss: Cute exchange…what in God’s name is she talking about with VP exerting more power in the Senate “if she so chose”? Has she been talking to Cheney?…Did I mention my baby has Down Syndrome? I think she’s really falling apart here.

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