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KWUR Promo CD Sales in Malinkrodt Now Officially Legal by


I guess the title doesn’t say it all. Back in the day, we used to sell our overflow CDs at a table in Malinkrodt anywhere from two to four times a year. We’d put up the banner, set up one of the smaller audioservice sound systems, and rock out from around 10:30am -> 3:00pm. Not only was this a great way to keep the station CD situation under control and earn a respectable amount of cash assets, but we’d also have bumper stickers, matches, magnets, t-shirts, and all sorts of other stuff available. It was a very fun and functional outreach program.

BUT we were always shady on the legality of this practice, and so we kind of shied away from it in recent years. The great news is that now, because of


those CDs belong to us, not the labels, and so we can can start up once again and not worry about ruffling any feathers.


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