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Just stumbled on this in our archive:

“It’s too bad you don’t have a choice what kind of car – if there was an electric car out there or whatever – alternate fuel car. i’d buy one. no problem. they don’t even give you that option. it sucks” – Kurt Cobain Interview, “Sample Magazine”, November 1991

3 responses to “Kurt Cobain Quotable”

  1. Klax says:

    I have some information about this interview I need to pass on to KWUR…

  2. DB says:


    Klax, please tell me he’s still alive.

    or that in it he says “a lot of the time I worry that courtney will kill me and make it look like suicide. if i ever suspiciously die, KWUR, it is on YOUR INTREPID MUSIC DIRECTOR IN THE YEAR 2009 to prove this.”

  3. Klax says:

    haha, no I wish it was that good.

    Mostly, I just (finally) tracked down one of the two people that did the interview.

    They told me what they remembered about it, etc. That information needs to go into the KWUR vaults…

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