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KWUR and sort-of rival KSLU (of Saint Louis University) met recently to duke it out for the title of 2007 Saint Louis College Radio Champion of the World. On a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon, the teams met at Tower Grove Park for this semi-annual event. KWUR, who “brought the heat” more plentifully (We had 13 team members to KSLU’s 7), took an early lead, ending the first inning with an 8-1 lead. The seven-inning game continued as such, ending with a 15-3 victory for the ragtag KWUR team. KWUR will soon be the holders of the Homer Simpson doll kickball trophy.

Better luck next year, SLU

back row: Leah, Claire, Milstein, Evan, Andrew Schneiderman, Turner, Mansoor’s head, Steven, Kinsley, Sarah
front row: Anna, Mikey, Andrew Senter

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  1. Claire Caplan says:

    P.S. Mikey edited this, clearly. I would never say “ragtag.”

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