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Interesting stuff going down in Motown. Kwame Kilpatrick, dubbed “The Hip-Hop Mayor”, was caught cheating on his wife with an aide (complete with hilarious intercepted text messages, and doing it on the city’s dime, no less. A few days ago, the Detroit City Council voted to request the Governor of Michigan to remove him from the post.

Interesting stuff, but why am I posting about it on the KWUR blog? Because one of the members of the Detroit City Council is Martha Reeves. Yes, that Martha Reeves.
I know Ms. Reeves voted for the council to take serious action regarding the affair a few months ago, but I can’t seem to find out how she voted on this latest measure, does anybody know? In any case, I think it’s fascinating to see where soul artists (the ones who didn’t burn out but faded away, in any case) ended up after their careers peaked. Some are still touring, and many do other, equally fascinating things. Anyhow, Ms. Reeves, in her past life:

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