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     St. Louis duo Franco-Hill have been consistently blowing the minds of local music fans and casual listeners alike since April 2012 with their genre-defying sound that seamlessly flows between hip-hop, jazz, soul and funk. Don't sleep on these guys– their instrumental album Vibrate Higher, released June 21st, is definitely worth a listen. 

   Producer/guitarist Michael Franco's sharp ear and drummer Jeffery Hill's unparalleled skill make for a dynamic pairing– their music is rich, complex, and soulful, with perfectly timed samples and precise tempo, an unmistakable sound that is both crisp and dreamlike. Toeing the line between electronic music and live instrumentation, Franco-Hill decidedly favors their own raw musical talent, emphasizing Hill's relentless percussion and flourishes of guitar/bass accompaniment from Franco. Riverfront Times "Best of St. Louis"-nominated Franco-Hill have been a near-constant presence in the St. Louis music scene for over a year– both individually and as the instrumental backing for various other local acts– leaving a swath of enraptured fans and collaboration-hungry musicians everywhere they perform.

    Their highly-anticipated debut album "Vibrate Higher", was released on 6/21 via bandcamp. You can find it, listen to it, and then buy it here

    They have a free mixtape, "Batman and the Black Bruce Wayne" (5/21), consisting of beats produced individually by Franco (Batman) and Hill (Black Bruce Wayne), also available on their bandcamp page.

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