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Finally, Conan’s Tonight Show Takeover… by

It’s time for Conan O’Brien to take over the “Tonight Show.” Finally, I can go to bed an hour earlier and still catch the best show in late night television.

This all started back in 2004, when NBC feared Conan, who had the highest 12:30 slot ratings, would jump to another network and take his coveted male 18-35 demographic with him. So, against all odds, they promised him the Tonight Show five years in advance while seemingly pushing Jay Leno into retirement.

Of course, Mediocrity (however, I hear his “real” stand-up is good) refused to leave and he’ll still be on at 10pm for all the old folks who just don’t get Conan. Why does Leno suck so much? I think the AV Club pretty much nailed it.

Things to look for on the new Tonight Show:
– A brand new sophisticated art-deco set (in Universal City the next building over from where I used to work!) referencing his old home at 30 Rockefeller center. Don’t worry, Conan reassures us that “You can still be a jackass in an elegant space.”
– A set of jokes about Conan’s awkward transition life in L.A. This should be good, especially for those who’ve lived in L.A. before.
– Andy Richter: he’s back!

And as a little preview, one of my favorite Conan sketches. Dinner with producer Jordan Slansky:

Plus, The New Republic‘s favorite moments.

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