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Everybody Loves Free (as in ‘freedom’) Music by

April 11th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Freeform favorites, WFMU, finally launched their Free Music Archive site. Think of it as a hip Archive.org audio section built on newer web technology.

All the music on the site is easily searchable, streamable, and downloadable for your pleasure. More importantly (like archive.org), all the music is licensed under the Creative Commons. Therefore, you can download it freely, use it non-commercially, and in some cases, modify the music and share it also.

This is good ’cause WFMU now regularly posts in-studio appearances and sponsored live shows. Additionally, they’ve partnered up with a bunch of other like-minded media outlets (KEXP, KBOO, dublab) who are curating their own sections. Maybe KWUR should look into getting in on this…

To get into the spirit, I highly recommend starting off with this live Oh Sees recording from the site launch party which was last Saturday.

Also highly recommended are two volumes of “WFMU’s Free Music Archive Sampler” put out last year as a little pre-launch site preview.

Finally, you can thank former New York governer Eliot Spitzer and the New York State Music Fund for providing grant money to seed this operation…


2 responses to “Everybody Loves Free (as in ‘freedom’) Music”

  1. ZM says:

    we should try to be a curator or something. we have archived free original content (kwur week shows, on-air performances, radio theater). can’t see why it would hurt

  2. Midnight Cowboy says:

    i think the curator idea is a great one. we need to inventory all of the contributable stuff we have but we should get in touch with WFMU

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