Don Diablo – Hooligans Never Surrender by

This is by far his best single, which is a big departure from this usual ‘popped collar’ music that’s kinda douchy with bad backup dancers. Instead, he gives us a police riot, giant luchadors and something that looks like its out of a Chinese Dia De Los Muertos celebration. However, I give him credit for doing so much work as a clearly self-financed guy. On early comments from people saying this video would be super violent, ”I think this video gives a good representation of what goes on in my head when I am asleep, it’s like a drug free LSD trip for pros. Welcome to the future!”

2 responses to “Don Diablo – Hooligans Never Surrender”

  1. Comely says:

    This video is so ridiculously awesome.

  2. Invisible Cola says:

    We have his album in the station now, I reviewed it and it SUCKS compared to this and his other early singles. Also check out his track Black Heat.

    My theory: he is good when making instrumentals, but doesn’t know how to incorporate vocal melodies/rapping into his work at all.

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