Mailing Address

KWUR 90.3 FM
Campus Box 1205
One Brookings Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63130


Phone Numbers

Office: (314) 935-5952
Request: (314) 935-KWUR
Fax: (314) 935-8833


Music/Programming Departments:

Office Hours
Music Director Jerik Leung music1[at] Fridays 12 pm-1pm
Music Director Adam Banker music2[at]
Hip-Hop James Drueckhammer hiphop[at]
World Stephanie Aria world[at]
Folk/Blues Samuel Williams blues[at]
Classical George Yeh classical[at]
Electronic William Wysession electronic[at]
Local Sunny Feinstein local[at]
Experimental Cherry Xie experimental[at]




Administrative Staff:

Office Hours
General Manager Eleni Anas gm[at]
Personnel Serena Fang personnel[at]
Treasurer Jon Vuylsteke treasurer[at]
Training Anya Venezia & Katie Shin training[at]
Promotions Alex Berger promotions[at]
Archivist Landon Bennett archivist[at]
Community Relations William Clutterbuck communityrelations[at]
Station Manager Calla Zhou station[at]
Audio Service Nick Machak audioservice[at]
Programming Council Jesse Bogdan progcouncil[at]
Events David Gobel & Dylan Bassett events[at]
Production Coordinator Derek Schwartz prodcoord[at]
Webmaster Grace Lu webmaster[at]


Submission Policy

Mail a copy of the album to the address above along with a short bio / description. All genres are accepted on either CD or vinyl. Please email the appropriate Genre Director a few weeks after the album is sent to check up on it.

Please do not email us MP3s or links to MP3s. We want physical media.

Nick Coyle


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