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CMJ ’08? I didn’t have a badge! by

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Long ago, I was a KWUR DJ. And got to go to CMJ, with a badge and everything. In those days, banks actually had money. This year, I didn’t have a badge. And look at the banks now…Being in New York, however, I had the opportunity to go to some of the events. The actual DJs have already covered all the bands that I saw, but I did get a nice little recap from some other attendees. There were lots of complaints about this year’s festival, but there were a few stand-outs. So, here are some bands that people were talking about at the after party/various other parties:

Wye Oak
-Apparently, it’s mind-blowing that they’re only two people.

The Mae Shi
-Long story short (or short story shorter, rather), Kenny’s right

Passion Pit
Lots of people wanted to see them, but no one I talked to actually did. Most people were waiting until Saturday’s planned rooftop show to see them, but the show got rained out.

Kirsten Ketsjer
-Okay, no one actually said anything about them. But we saw on Friday night in what was essentially some dude’s bedroom. By Sunday, their picture was in the Times. ‘Nuff said.

So Many Dynamos
-Granted, this is from people who already knew the Dynamos very well. But, apparently, the new album is awesome. And doesn’t come out until February. Smarmy bastards.

-Everybody I spoke to saw them. Suprisingly, everyone came out alive.

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