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From Mr. Jazzface…

“I just opened up my local newspaper and read about this weekend’s “CAVEFEST”, which is a festival held in a local saltpetre cave with country rock and “light metal” bands, including Facd Forward, Misfire, and Adam Tanas. Who is Adam Tanas? He is proudly a former member of the seminal Krokus! The festival also includes a bikini contest, which will probably be the best part of the weekend…”

That’s right folks, former member of Krokus. At KWUR we love Krokus. For those of you who are ignorant, check it out.

Thanks for the news Mr. Jazzface.

Note: I’ve never actually listened to Krokus, but I like the idea of Krokus.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Rock on Krokus!!!!!!!

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