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Rafter – Sex, Death, Cassette

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Rafter Roberts writes music for commercials (like Michael Bluth in Juno!*) , and he’s part of the Sufjan Stevens crew. Therefore, he already had two strikes against him as I started to listen to Sex, Death, Cassette. Fortunately, Rafter was able to come up big with two strikes. Sex, Death, Cassette obliterates any possible genre classification but still manages to sound like a cohesive album, even with upbeat indie songs like “zzzpenchant,” an Afrobeat impersonation in “Love Time Now Please,” and (shudder) Sufjan Stevens-esque folk making frequent appearances. This is a testament to how well produced this album is, not surprising given that Rafter has produced for artists like the Rapture and Fiery Furnaces. Songs like “zzzpenchant” make you want to dance, while on the other end of the spectrum, “Tropical” is more heartfelt and somehow absorbing. Sex, Death, Cassette may be coming out in the winter, but it sounds like the perfect soundtrack for a drugged-out summer adventure. Oh, to be out of the cold…

Standout tracks: zzzpenchant, No-one Home Ever, How To and Why
Rating: 7/10

* I know his real name is Jason Bateman, and that he’s been in many other things. I just refuse to accept that Arrested Development isn’t real