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Odds and ends

Friday, January 11th, 2008

From Dividing By Zero, via RFT: The New Pornographers (along with Neko Case) and Okkervil River will be playing at the Pageant on April 19. This may become the most anticipated non-KWUR Week show of the semester (good thing you don’t have to choose, because KWUR Week will blow this out of the water). Check out the updated concert calendar more listings.

From RFT, via the Ladue News: Will “not Win” Butler of Arcade Fire got married – at Holmes Lounge! The next time you get a carvery wrap, remember – Arcade Fire was there. Here’s a question: if there was an Arcade Fire sandwich (like the celebrity sandwiches in delis), what would be on it? For some reason, I can see it being drenched in mayo.