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Huerco S. Interview & Mix

Monday, May 20th, 2013


Huerco S. is an electronic music producer/DJ based in Kansas City who's been steadily releasing material over the past few years on labels such as Wicked Bass, Opal Tapes, Future Times, and Prohibito. His work has been gaining notice from the underground electronic music community, appearing in online publications Resident Advisor and XLR8R. KWUR was lucky enough to have him perform a DJ set in the Gargoyle for the KWUR Week 2013 Electronic Showcase. In case you missed out on that, I asked him to put together a mix that I played on my show last month. Included in the mix are some of Huerco's own tracks that will be released on his first LP due out later this year. Since he's such a nice dude, I also asked Huerco a few questions to go along with the mix. Check it out and enjoy!


Describe your sound in two words
Huerco S.

What’s your production process like?
Ritually turning mundane tasks into something of great purpose. I'm always drawing parallels between the act of making music and the act of, let's say building an earthen mound. The repetitive nature of the work is something I enjoy.

How did you get in to electronic music?
During high school I was mostly listening to hardcore/noise/punk and eventually got burnt out on that really aggressive sound. The soulful and upbeat nature of drum & bass and jungle made a great segue.

What are some of your influences, musically or otherwise?
Pre-Columbian America and Kansas City Jazz.


What are you looking forward to for the second half of 2013?
Touring is a big one for me. I'll be heading to Europe for the first time this June, so excited. Also looking forward to working in collaboration with some friends. We'll see.

You’ve got a full-length album coming out sometime soon. How’s that production been compared to releasing EPs?
For this particular release I wanted to showcase a more "experimental" side to my production. I really admire people like Rene Pawlowitz aka Shed. His full lengths are absolutely mental and all over the place, yet his EPs generally consist of dancefloor related material. I just want to do it all and I don't see any reason why I can't.

How is it being based in KC? What’s the scene like?
It's lovely really. Rent is ridiculously cheap, so just in the fact I don't have to work 60hrs a week to survive allows me time to work. The city itself is always a source of inspiration, the architecture, the isolation. As far as a scene goes it's just me and my friends.


What have you been listening to recently / releases you’re looking forward to?
My taste lately has been really reflective of the weather (crisp, bouncy, warm, angular, gleaming). Really been lovely Funkineven's NTS radio shows, stoked for the Kyle Hall LP, been listening to a lot of New Musik.

You’ve had digital, vinyl, and cassette releases so far. How’s that experience been and do you have any preference?
Digital and cassette are good in there own right, but I really only prefer to release on vinyl from here on out. I do believe however there will be a CD accompaniment to the 2xLP coming out this summer. I just love the tactile relationship you can have with a record. Never really felt that with digital or tapes.

Weirdest or most exotic place you’ve performed so far?
Haha California is pretty exotic for me, just got back a couple weeks ago…such a trip. I played packed in a laundry room in Montreal, that was pretty insane.

You’ve released under the alias “Royal Crown of Sweden,” aka “R.C.O.S.” Any plans for a “H.U.E.” release? Any different approach when releasing under an alias?
Hahaha you caught that. Wasn't sure if anyone would get it. Yeah I generally use an alias as a break or departure from what I'm currently doing. So for the RCOS stuff i really just wanted to make House tracks and I felt like that wouldn't necessarily fit as Huerco S.


If you had a time machine when and where would you go?
1340s North America, would be lovely just to walk around and experiencing this massive continent free from our corruption.


Here's the link to the mix on Soundcloud since the widget can't seem to find it:


Exael – Room of Veiled Lights
Konx-om-Pax – Let's Go Swimming
Ñaka Ñaka – 00000003
Huerco S. – Younger
Huerco S. – Skug Kommune
Huerco S. – Canticoy
MGUN – Tritan
Austin Cesear – Hac? Jam
Shadowlust – Garden


Huerco S. Soundcloud (Download his 2011 EP for free) & Discogs


Ximena Sarinana comes to KWUR 11/18 at 1 pm

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

In case you don’t know, Grammy winning Mexican vocalist Ximena Sariñana (hi-MEN-a sa-rin-YAH-na) is coming to the station tomorrow to talk about her self-titled English debut.

Her latest album “showcase[s] her deep, striking voice, smart, thoughtful lyrics and offbeat personality” with production expertise from Greg Kurstin (Lily Allen, Devo, The Bird and the Bee), Dave Sitek (TV on the Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and Natalia Lafourcade.

She has won the Best New Artist Award in the Premios MTV Latinoamerica 2008 (Latin MTV Awards) and received three Latin Grammy Nominations for Best New Artist, Best Alternative Song and Producer of the Year. Her debut album, “Mediocre,” also received a Grammy nomination for Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album. In Mexico, she is a household name. She has appeared in 11 films (among them box office hit Amar Te Duele and film festival winner Dos Abrazos) as well as three prime time telenovelas.

Come to the station or listen in at 1 PM. Ximena Sariñana is a fantastic artist and Deanna and I are quite excited to interview her!


Friday, January 8th, 2010

Because I find this hilarious. Greg Ginn tries to give a KWUR station ID back in ’86 (I think). Almost, dude. Audio is here.

PS: this was tacked on to the end of a larger interview, which was just finally edited and transcribed, to be made available SOON. We’re such teases.


Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Okay so we’re digitizing a bunch of old taped interviews from way back when college radio was important (8/12/86, to be exact), and came across this, uh, gem. It’s an audio snippet from an interview we did with The Descendents: two DJs try to get Milo to give a station ID, and he gets creative. A fascinating conversation ensues. Enjoy:

Descendents Station ID + conversation

There’s more to come of this kind of thing, soon… (because winter break is here and I’ve got fuck-all to do).


Sunday, October 25th, 2009

A couple weeks ago Tom Russell stopped by the station before his show at Off Broadway.

We talked about: the state of modern radio, Leonard Cohen’s “There is a crack in everything/That’s how the light gets in” and how that applies to shamelessly broadcasting dusty vinyl, fanbase interactions, The Blogosphere, the edginess of Juarez and the borderland, edginess, Dylan, Bukowski, machismo, “insurgent country,” the kinship between songwriting and painting that excludes poetry, art, REAL SONGS, “New Folk,” “insurgent country,” Andy Warhol, Johnny Cash, George Jones, Willem de Kooning, Mt. Olive, IL, Mother Jones, Merle Travis’ “Dark as a Dungeon” and “Sixteen Tons” & a whole bunch of other subjects that did, as you might expect, include other famous names, but also other things.

For all you KWUR loverboys–TR name-dropped us at Off Broadway that night, citing “graffiti on the walls and DJs sleeping on the floor,” that anecdote meandering to the oblique conclusion “America still exists inside used book stores and on the faces of Amish women” (which I believe he credited as a Lenny Bruce paraphrase). This was a sit-down Off Broadway show and the KDHX sponsorship unsurprisingly ensured the joint was brimming with blue hairs appalled at having to wait in line on Lemp before the doors opened. Great show – the man clearly thrives under the spotlight and his on-stage charisma surpasses his studio delivery (not to undercut the albums). I especially dug an extended version of TR’s Dave Van Ronk monologue and the included phlegmy DVR impersonations: “shut up and listen to this goddamn song!” and the clever but somewhat meaningless banter introducing “Criminologist,” centering around the “New Folk” heroes and their high voices. “Navajo Rug” encore brought down the house (in a staid, sitdownshow sense, natch).

listen to the whole things right here