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Apparently shoveling money into a hole will make it go away

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

oh wait… no it won’t.

Ruckus, the free DRM’d music service on campus will be shut down.

“Ruckus … was brought to the University last Fall after a committee made of students from Student Union (SU) and Congress of the South 40 chose it over four other services.” (Ruckus brings mixed success after one year) Hmm!!! Looks like the university thought it was a good idea to shovel a bunch of money in a hole… DRM was flawed from the beginning, so avoiding investing in it has always been a no brainer. I campaigned against dumping money towards a useless service (Dear ResTech – people are going to file share regardless of how you cripple your own network with port blockages and bandwidth throttles), but Wash U invested anyway.

It’s not like people couldn’t strip the DRM from the music they downloaded in the first place.