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Death Grips: Whoa. [WARNING: really dark music]

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011



Have you guys heard about my new favorite thing that happened this summer? It's called Death Grips and its my new favorite thing. Here's why:


So as a person who mainly listens to hip-hop but recently has for some reason gotten into hardcore punk [Black Flag] and heavy electronic noises [Tobacco], I have been thinking all the time: 'I wish there was a really intense hip-hop group that utilized heavy electronic noises and yelled ALL OF THEIR LYRICS.' Then this happened. Death Grips is a trio made up of drummer Zack Hill (having cut his teeth in the group Hella), some mysterious angry guy named MC Ride and a third even more mysterious guy (Flatlander?) who maybe has a hand in producing. What do they do? Well sometimes they take a famous Link Wray song and chop it up and make it ear-bleedingly awesome and then yell over it ("Spread Eagle Cross the Block"). Sometimes they make sparse, heavy beats and then yell over that ("Takyon"). Sometimes they take Black Flag samples and yell over those ("Klink"). Sometimes they make far too intense electronic beats and yell over that, but for you guys that like yelling less, there are a couple super cool electronic tracks with regular talking ("Culture Shock"). I think it's super cool future music and I think it's awesome.


It gets better! The whole album, Ex Military, is free on their website. Click the album art, listen, get angry (and also, if you like it, pay them money to support them while you're angry)!