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Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Athens pop veterans Casper and the Cookies played a couple of tunes and chatted for a bit last week before their show at the Firebird. They sounded great in the studio and put on a hell of a show on stage – next time they roll into town I’d recommend catching them live. Anyway, we discussed their new album, Modern Silence, the convoluted story behind the 15-minute-long song on said album, and the value of Schnuck brand whiskey, among other things. Check the interview HERE, and snag a song from the performance, in crystal clear stereo, below.

You Love Me (live at KWUR)

(Oh yeah, if you are or know someone who is interested in being our in-house in-studio photographer, drop me a line at music one at kwur dot com. My shitty Canon PowerShot and even shittier photography skills aren’t doing these performances any justice.)