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Bloc Party – A Weekend In The City

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

Bloc Party’s sophomore effort, A Weekend In The City, sees the British band become more focused and more emotional. The album is centered around life in London, and you can tell that frontman Kele Okereke thinks change is needed. On “Hunting for Witches,” Okereke wails “the newscaster says the enemy’s among us…now is not the time for liberal thought.” This is also by far the album’s stand out track, with big guitars leading up to big chorus, making it the album’s catchiest and most anthemic song. The opener, “Song for Clay (Disappear Here)” talks about the status quo, and is another one of the album’s top tracks, while “Uniform” attacks the influence of MTV. Bloc Party also slows things down a little too frequently on the album. Some of the slow songs, such as “Waiting For The 7:18” are great, resonant ballads, but other times, such as on “I Still Remember,” you just want Bloc Party to speed things up again so you can get up and dance to London’s shortcomings. All in all, this is a very good, if not great, album which could make Bloc Party the voice of today’s youth – the same way that they criticize on “Uniform.”

Overall: 7/10

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