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New Hold Steady songs

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Tonight at the Hold Steady, Art Brut, 1990s show, the Hold Steady at Terminal 5 in New York, played 3 new songs: Stay Positive, Ask Her For Adderall, and another one I didn’t catch the name of (it had Strange in it). The first two were pretty fast and the third was pretty slow. All three: pretty awesome.

For the Hold Steady’s last song, Art Brut’s Eddie Argos and Ian Catskilkin joined them on stage. I’ll try to post some video when I find it, but let me just tell you, the British accent brings a whole new element to the Hold Steady. Whether that’s a good thing, I’m not too sure. But Jackie McKeown of 1990s (who put on another great, great, great performance) was dancing along with the entire set (including the 30 seconds of Art Brut’s Hold Steady cameo) also, so you know the set itself had to be good.