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Album Review: Theodore’s "Hold You Like A Lover"

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Theodore is certainly neither traditional country music nor the twang country-rock that often goes by alt-country. Theodore brings an ethereal honesty to their songs that make them stand on their own.

Their new album Hold You Like A Lover is cohesive in it’s intimacy. Opener “I Won’t be a Stranger” is the kind of song that builds into a perfect crescendo with lyrics that hit you in the heart. The middle of the album stretches out augmented by trumpet, tuba, banjo, harmonica, and more. “Half Pint” uses all these in a beautifully dynamic song that soars between screaming highs and intimate lows. “Send My Love” finishes off the album with a soft love song and leaves the listener with the reverberations of the slide lead still in his head.

Check out the band for free this Saturday, May 22, at the Old Post Office Plaza in downtown St. Louis.

Album Review: Cassie Morgan and the Lonely Pine, "Weathered Hands, Weary Eyes"

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Local darlings Cassie Morgan and Beth Bombara spread their wings with this warm, airy full-length. Sweet vocal harmonies are enveloped by simple strums and a menagerie of bells, toy pianos, glocks, and whistling. Voted best singer-songwriter by the RFT in 2009, Cassie plays pure and simple folk songs in a way that makes you smile while it breaks your heart.

The album also features beautiful cover design by KWUR dj Joanie Walbert!

Play: 4++ upbeat, 1++ slow and sweet, 6+ bluesy and sexy, 9+ slow, thunderous, 2++ nice and pretty, 7+