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The KWUR Kickballers beat pseudo-rivals KSLU in kickball today in Tower Grove Park, 10-4. This was a double-or-nothing game, as KWUR won the last match-up. And they/we prevailed again today.

We played to the sweet sounds of such tracks as “Raise Up,” “Lipgloss,” and “Bitch, I’m Broke.” (The families with children playing around the game surely appreciated this soundtrack.) Some may say that the secret to KWUR’s success lay in this music, but I would argue that is, in fact, our incredible athletic ability and enormous hearts that led to the win.

Picture to come!

One response to “Bofum!”

  1. DB says:

    our hearts are so huge, and they led to increased blood flow and overall athleticism.

    also, I can’t catch a ball.

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