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Bar-B-Q Killers Reissued? by

November 16th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ve spoken highly of Athens, GA based Bar-B-Q Killers before. Well, it seems that someone (Mike Turner and Gordon Lamb) has finally stepped up to get their one and only album, Comely, properly remastered and reissued (with bonus tracks too).

I guess this project is dependent on raising some money first. You can donate/pre-order here. It looks like the goal is to get it out on CD, and if enough money is raised, possibly even vinyl. Vinyl, Vinyl, Vinyl!

Thankfully, I tracked down two original LPs both for extremely reasonable prices. I found one from a seller in Washington state on ebay and one at a used record store in Los Angeles. Both quite far from the Athens/Atlanta homebase. For a while, I even considered reissuing the LP on bootleg cassette. Glad I don’t have to because someone’s doing it legitimately.

KWUR also has the Athens, GA: Inside/Out soundtrack LP. Pretty rad BBQ Killers live track on that one..

And just to get you excited, here’s a clip of the Bar-B-Q Killers from that very film (directed by KWUR alum, Bill Cody)…

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