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Hustle Week – February 24th through March 2nd!

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Hello listeners, alumni, parents, et al. Now marks the beginning of the annual Hustle Week, KWUR's yearly allocated time to ask a bit harder for money and support!


We have some important opportunities in the near future that will be made possible by your donations, including the improvement of our current radio signal and a big push towards a new opportunity to increase our station's wattage. More details about our current situation, of particular interest  to KWUR alumni, can be found here:


Donations can be made this week by calling in to pledge at (314) 935-5952. DJs will be manning the phones most hours from 9:00 AM to midnight from Sunday to Saturday to take your pledges. (NOTE: Some people have contacted us wondering if there is an alternative method besides checks, i.e. paypal, to make donations. There currently is not, BUT pledge anyway and we'll work this week to figure out how to set one up). Make checks out to KWUR 90.3 FM, and send them to this address:


KWUR 90.3 FM
Campus Box 1205
One Brookings Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63130


Here's a quick rundown of what gifts can be earned by different levels of donation:


$10 – KWUR picture postcard with special KWUR k?ans (also included in
donations over $25)
$25 – Limited edition, high quality silk-screened KWUR t-shirt
$50 – A custom station I.D., thanking you for your donation (and
including any other requested tidbits) that we will air live
$100 – Name a part of the station after you or someone of your choice.

$200 – Get a song written about you in the style of your choice, and recorded in KWUR's very own recording studio.


Also, we have some exciting events happening this week. Tune in between 8 PM on Thursday and 8 AM on Friday to hear the always-adventerous all-night broadcast. If you are Washington University student, come to the DJ Showcase at the Gargoyle on Friday the 1st at 8PM, where 6 talented KWUR DJs will be spinning stuff that you'll want to dance to.


Support free-form community radio! We are very thankful for any contribution that you decide to make.


90.3 FM – The Little Signal That Could

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

We're still a 10 watt station. In our current situation, our terrestrial signal won't ever come close to reaching a vast majority of St. Louisians' radios. But we recently took an enermous step towards improving our broadcast signal, and consequently, towards reintegrating ourselves into the counsciousness of our close neighbors in the St. Louis community.


With the generous help of radio mogul Sam Caputa, we installed a new transmitter to replace our old one – a beloved, but decrepit unit that was barely spitting out 5-10% of our legally allocated power. You may have noticed the degrading signal over the course of the past few years. It was a result of many factors, but the most fundamental problem was the old transmitter. With the new transmitter, KWUR is excited to be broadcasting throughout University City, Clayton, the Central West End, and other nearby areas. We've got some more (small and large scale) signal-improving plans on the docket, so this area may expand when we work through those.


Take this new opportunity to support terrestrial, free-form, autonomous, student-run, community radio! Tune in and find some weekly programs that strike your fancy. Keep checking back on the site (and the KWUR twitter) for announcements about exciting happenings on our airwaves and in the community. And let us know when you like something you hear! Comment on the blog, tweet us, or talk to the DJ! The studio line is (314) 935-5987. We are inspired and propelled by the knowledge that others, especially strangers, enjoy what we do. I recently read a quote by the author Robert Walser (originally referring to something completely unrelated to radio) that reminded me of this feature – the combination of anonymity and intimacy – that terrestrial community radio provides.


"To be of service to somebody whom one does not know, and who has nothing to do with one, that is charming, it gives one a glimpse into divine and misty paradises"

The KWUR Blog – A Rennaisance

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Hello readers. T.G. Foist here.


We're making an effort to ressurect the blog – start checking back here for KWUR news (there will be plenty of it this semester) and random musings. This is something of a random musing, but first some quick KWUR newses:


– Spring programming is officially ON! Check to see what's happening for the next few months, and of course, tune in on our stream or 90.3 FM.


– Stack sessions are coming back! Stay tuned for more info.


Now on to the post. This is precipitated by today's news that the new My Bloody Valentine album is set to drop some time in the next few days. It's about time. I'm going to pretend that this latest bit of news is totally reliable, and ask: What are we supposed to listen to for the next 2-3 days until the album comes out (besides the KWUR stream)?


I think the answer is a KWUR-prescribed helping of shoegaze, while avoiding MBV at all costs. First, this regimen could help ease the massive level of disappointment that you might experience upon hearing the new album, which is probably the most anticipated album in the entire age of indie music. If it stinks, you can just put the old MBV stuff back on, and even have some new shoegaze artists for your consolation. Furthermore, checking out some of KWUR's favorite shoegaze might help expand your tastes beyond the narrow range of big-name shoegaze bands, who have a near-oligopolistic standing in the genre. Finally, there is something about shoegaze that makes it fit in very well with the St. Louis spring, where you have those random bursts of 70-80 degree days. The basic features of shoegaze music (loudness, melodicism) complement the ecstatic sensory overload that I tend to associate with this type of weather.


Here are some of my favorites. I believe we have original physical copies of all of these albums in the station, too. Cool! Please comment with your own links and suggestions.


The Boo Radleys


The atmosphere of their music is a little lighter and airier than most shoegaze tends to be, but when they go into blister mode, they blister with the best.




All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors


One of the only shoegaze bands I've heard that can jangle, rock, bleep, bloop, and screech all in one song.




Sweet Trip


One album wonder (2003's Velocity:Design:Comfort), but the album is an amazing combination of modern electronics and shoegaze.






Basically everything they do is completely percussionless, slow, dense, and reverby.






Questionable combination of shoegaze and alt rock machismo. But often enough, they get it just right (hear: chorus of Duel).