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Monday, September 16th, 2013

We caught up with New Orleans sludge metal dudebros THOU (with special guest Rorick of CLOUD RAT) after their show at Fubar yesterday, and decided that they would be our guinea pigs for our new blog feature, FIVE SONGS TO LISTEN TO. As you may have guessed, we ask various persons/musicians/friends to list five songs that they think everyone should hear.

Without further ado:

Five songs to listen to, by THOU:


1. Queensryche – Suite Sister Mary:
2. The Smashing Pumpkins – I Am One:
3. Alanis Morissette – You Oughta Know:
4. Die Antwoord – Fatty Boom Boom:
5. Abner Jay – I'm So Depressed:


Five songs to listen to, by Rorik of CLOUD RAT:


1. Wipers – Doom Town:
2. Dido – Sand In My Shoes:
3. Icy Demons – Trial By Lasers:
4. Etta James – All I Could Do Was Cry:
5. The Beta Band – Dry The Rain

Honorable mention: The Osmonds – Crazy Horses:

("It sounds like the Osmonds covering Zeppelin, man!" – Rorik)



Big thanks to Thou and Cloud Rat for their time. Stay tuned for more installments of FIVE SONGS TO LISTEN TO!

Fall Metal Concert Calendar!

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

What follows is a brief synopsis of noteworthy metal concerts happening in the St. Louis area in the fall of 2013. This is not a comprehensive list, but merely a collection of shows that I think are awesome and worth going to.


9/11 – Harm’s Way/Dead in the Dirt/Homewrecker/Batallion/Perfect People – The Demo

- A vicious hardcore/grind lineup, highlighted by Atlanta’s Dead in the Dirt, self-described as “vegan, straight edge grindcore”.


9/15 – Thou/Fister/Cloud Rat/False – FUBAR

- Doom, gloom, and a little sludge. Notable due to a very rare live appearance from New Orleans underground sludge miscreants THOU, as well as the always-excellent local talent, Fister.


9/18 – Intronaut/Vattnet Viskar/The Gorge/White Fire – The Firebird

- Vattnet Viskar and Intronaut both released new albums in the past few months, and Intronaut just wrapped up a big tour with Meshuggah. Proggy, moshy goodness, preceded by the naturalistic, raw black metal of Vattnet Viskar.


9/20 – Andrew WK/The Scam/431 – FUBAR

- When it’s time to party, we will party hard.


9/25 – Centuries/Pray for Teeth/Strangers Now/Cathedral Fever/Dissention – FUBAR

- Hardcore done right, courtesy of Florida’s Centuries, who are touring in support of their latest release, “Taedium Vitae”, released via the incredible Southern Lord Recordings.


10/1 – Scorpion Child/Kadavar/Wilson/Gypsyhawk/Mothership – The Firebird

- Campy psych-prog-stoner rock, powered by vest-wearing Germans Kadavar, and California’s Gypsyhawk.


10/6 – Saint Vitus/Pallbearer/The Hookers/Fister – The Firebird

- Legendary American doom metal founders Saint Vitus, alongside Pallbearer, whose 2012 release, “Sorrow and Extinction” ranked among the best of the year. Additional support from local curmudgeons Fister. Do not miss this show, period.


11/4 – Black Tusk/Inter Arma – The Firebird

- Burly Southern Sludge/hardcore via Georgia partiers Black Tusk, touring in support of their recent EP “Tend No Wounds”, along with the prairie-tinged sludge-doom of Richmond’s Inter Arma, whose latest release “Sky Burial” is one of the best records of 2013. Another show that shouldn’t be missed.


11/13 – The Black Dahlia Murder/Skeletonwitch/Fallujah/Wolvhammer – The Firebird

- The headliners are the least impressive band on this tour. Which says a lot about the strength of the three supporting acts. Check out the furious blackened thrash of Cleveland stalwards Skeletonwitch (who have a new record out October 29th), the raging, frenetic death metal of newcomers Fallujah, and the violent, misanthropic, anti-human black metal of Wolvhammer. Yet another show that should not be passed over.


Big ups to The Firebird for stepping up their metal game, and booking some quality acts.