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Forget the Black Lips, forget even King Khan–Mark Sultan (aka The BBQ Show) is the unsung hero of the gritty garage-soul sound. This album, which deftly combines messy, distorted steel guitar sounds (straddling the same border between Jesus and Mary Chain + garage as The Raveonettes) with Sultan’s distinct, plaintive doo-wop wail, may be that sound’s best manifestation yet. This album sounds like finally making out with the best friend you’ve always had a crush on. PLAY ALL!

Especially: 2+++(yah! yah!), 3+++(gorgeous doo-wop), 4++, 6+++(awesome, rockin’), 9+++(better version of King Khan and BBQ Show song)

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  1. KLYAM says:

    Sultan = "BBQ" naht "BBQ Show"


    great album

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