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Album Review: Man Man, "Rabbit Habits" by

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If you heard Man Man at KWUR week last year, you know what to expect: an energetic blend of R and B, vaudevillian shout blues and tribal indie madness that sounds like the musical equivalent of anarcho-syndicalism. Additionally, many of these tracks have been in their live repertoire for a while now. This album is somewhat less bombastic and more contemplative than “Six Demon Bag”, but that’s a good thing. The longer production time (and better production overall) has allowed Man Man to create a delirious, virtuosic phantasmagoria tempered with a deeply moving, tragic romanticism. In short, nothing less than a modern opus.

Seriously, play all.

1+++(da bomb), 2+++(kazoo!), 3+++(marimba!), 4+++(my jazz funeral), 6++(R+B piano, ballad), 7+++(great vocal breakdown), 8+++(percussion! chanting!), 9++, 10++, 11++, 12+++ and 13+++ (slow, beautiful)

2 responses to “Album Review: Man Man, "Rabbit Habits"”

  1. Dan M says:

    I’m only going to play track 5 now

  2. DB says:

    I have always liked that picture–
    but never before had I noticed how incredibly uncomfortable julie looks. sad. that should have been a moment of elation.

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