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Monday, January 30th, 2012


Winter can be quite a dead season for concerts in St. Louis, but the Spring concert schedule is shaping up to be aaawesome! Check out these sweet shows in the coming months:


YACHT: March 1 @ Plush – Last time I saw these guys they had a dance party with the entire crowd on stage, faked a video-chat in the middle of the show, and had a question and answer segment. Expect quirky dance music with plenty of crowd participation.


Bass Drum of Death: March 2 @ The Old Rock House – Fun, loud garage rock. They played every song at double speed at their last show in St. Louis, making their set only 30 minutes long, but twice as exciting.


Howler: March 9 @ The Old Rock House – If you didn't shell out the cash to go see Radiohead in St. Louis this night, you can catch Howler put on a show of summery surf rock.


Distant Worlds with the St. Louis Symphony: March 23-24 @ Powell – St. Louis Symphony is playing the music from Final Fantasy. If you were a video game kid like me, this is exciting.


The Hive Dwellers: March 27 @ The Luminary – Calvin Johnson of Beat Happening's current band with the other members constantly changing.


Mission of Burma: April 4 @ the Firebird – IS THIS THE BEST THING EVER OR WHAT? Super rockin' post punk doods, check out "Vs." if you're unfamiliar.


Shabazz Palaces: April 24 @ The Luminary – Ex-Digable Planet's MC's latest project with futuristic electronic beats.


Melvins: May 3 @ The Firebird – These guys ruuuuule. Sludgy, grungy rock famous for being a favorite of Kurt Cobain and Boris (named after a Melvins song).